1362.6 - Regional Statistics, Tasmania, 2007  
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Almost half of Tasmania's land is forested, including cool temperate rainforest, wet and dry eucalypt forest and plantations. Forests cover a total of 3,350,000 hectares, about 49% of the state's area (source: Forestry Tasmania, Annual Report 2001-02).

State Forest is forest managed pursuant to the Forestry Act 1920. State Forest covers 1,502,000 hectares of Tasmania (source: Forestry Tasmania, Annual Report 2001-02).

Forest Reserve is a category of State Forest, dedicated under the Forestry Act, which is mainly managed for recreation, conservation of natural and cultural resources or nature protection. Timber production is not permitted on Forest Reserves. Forest Reserves cover 175,000 hectares of Tasmania (source: Forestry Tasmania, Annual Report 2001-02).

State Forest differs from privately owned forest in that its land and timber is publicly owned, and its management objectives are prescribed by the Forestry Act, and include a balance of economic returns from timber production and benefits from non-wood values. It is Forestry Tasmania's policy to allow public access across most State Forest for recreational purposes.

State Forest differs from National Parks and other categories of publicly owned reserve managed by the Parks and Wildlife Service in that parks and reserves are managed for conservation and recreation purposes, and not for timber production and other resource use.


Map of Publicly owned forests

Map of Privately owned forests

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