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ABS Environment Collections

    Name of Collection
    Environmental Attitudes and Practices, Environmental Protection and Expenditure

    Assistant Director
    Environment and Energy Section
    Australian Bureau of Statistics
    PO Box 10

    Telephone: Canberra 02 6252 5643
    Facsimile: Canberra 02 6252 5335
    Email: client.services@abs.gov.au
    Internet: www.abs.gov.au

    To produce information on environmental practices and behaviours which will assist the government and other organisations to develop environmental policies and programs.

    Environmental Attitudes and Practices collects information from the household sector on environment topics. Surveys were conducted in 1992, 1994, 1996 and 1998 and are based on interviews with households. Surveys are planned for 1999 and 2000.

    Environmental Protection Expenditure collects information using economic collections covering agriculture, mining, manufacturing and service industries. Information is also collected from Local Government and compiled for the public sector from budget statements.

    Other compedium publications are also produced (4601.0 and 4605.0) using data from a variety of sources (ABS and non-ABS).

    Data Detail

    Environmental Attitudes and Practices
    Data on households:
  • Environmental views, concerns and issues;
  • Household waste management;
  • Motor vehicle ownership and maintenance; and
  • Use of transport.
  • Water and energy use
    (Australians and the Environment cat. no. 4601.0 and Environmental Issues: People's Views and Practices cat. no. 4602.0)

    Environmental Protection Expenditure
    Costs incurred for environment protection by the:
  • Public sector;
  • Agriculture industry;
  • Mining industry;
  • Manufacturing industry;
  • Service industry; and
  • Household sector (including expenses on motor vehicles)
    (Environment Protection Expenditure, 1992-93 and 1993-94, Australia cat. no. 4603.0)

    For the compendiums
    A detailed report on transport and the environment covering:
  • Transport activity in Australia;
  • Transport impact on people and the environment; and
  • Policy responses to the impacts of transport.
    (Australian Transport and the Environment cat. no. 4605.0)

    Geographic Coverage
    Australia, States and Territories. Some information is available at the SLA level via a special data request.

    Frequency of Data Availability
    4602.0 was previously released biennially. The 1998 issue will be released in 1999. Releases will then be on an annual basis.

    4603.0 is released annually.

    The release of 4601.0 and 4605.0 is irregular.

    Historical Data
    The first issue of 4601.0 (previously released as 4140.0 in 1992) was released in 1996. The first issue of 4605.0 was released in 1997. The first issue of 4602.0 and 4603.0 was in respect of 1992 and 1991-92.

    Products and Services
    Australians and the Environment (Cat. no. 4601.0)
    Environmental Issues: People's Views and Practices (Cat. no. 4602.0)
    Environment Protection Expenditure, 1992-93 and 1993-94, Australia (Cat. no. 4603.0)
    Australian Transport and the Environment (Cat. no. 4605.0)

    Example of Information Available

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