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ABS Survey FAQs

Q. What surveys does the ABS run?
Q. How often are Household surveys run and how are they used?

Q. What surveys does the ABS run?

A. The two primary types of surveys the ABS runs are Household and Business Surveys.

A broad range of information is collected within these surveys such as Population, Income, Household Expenditure, Agriculture, Mining, Service Industry and Economic Activity amongst others.

To see the full range of ABS surveys visit the Survey Participant Information pages on the ABS website.

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Q. How often are Household surveys run and how are they used?

A. The Monthly Population Survey (MPS)
This survey is run every month and figures for Australia's employment and unemployment come from this. Information on a range of issues is collected including, environmental issues, education, participation in sports, culture and leisure, crime victimisation, use of information technology, experience with the health system and family issues as well as more detail on labour force participation.

The information collected in the MPS is used in Government economic policy decision making and in other economic planning and research by the Commonwealth and State Governments, industry, business, trade unions and academics.

The Survey of Income and Housing 2009-10 (SIH)
This survey is run every two years as a stand alone survey and collects Australian household income and housing information. It provides the community with a vital resource for analysing the financial well-being of Australians. The last Survey of Income and Housing was conducted in 2007-08.

SIH is used to understand the distribution of income, housing tenure and housing costs across the Australian population. This identifies the economic well-being of individual and families.

The Household Expenditure Survey 2009-10 (HES)
The 2009-10 HES will be conducted continuously over the period 28 June 2009 to 26 June 2010, to account for any seasonal influences in expenditure.

The HES is designed to identify the levels and patterns of expenditure of private households on a comprehensive range of goods and services purchased for private use. The HES also determines how these levels and patterns vary according to income levels and other characteristics of households, such as size and composition, location and principal source of cash income.

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