Statistical Geography allows users to understand, compare and analyse statistical data for informed decision making about all sorts of places from Cities and Suburbs to Regional Areas or Local Government Areas.

The Statistical Spatial Framework is designed to help data custodians to spatially enable their datasets and enable users to integrate geospatial and statistical information to use location to better understand our environment, society and economy.

Statistical Geography Boundaries

Link: online mapping tool to view and compare statistical boundaries
ABS Maps – an online mapping tool to view and compare statistical boundaries

For more information about the design of the Australian Statistical Geography Standard boundaries see the ABS Geography Publications

Interactive Maps of Statistical data

Link: map of median commuting distance from usual residence
Look at how far people travel to work and where they travel to work in the Census of Population and Housing: Commuting to Work, 2016, Interactive Maps

Link: map of the index of relative socio-economic disadvantage
Compare areas of socio-economic advantage and disadvantage on the Socio-Economic Indexes for Areas (SEIFA), Australia, 2016, Interactive Maps

Link: map of the responses to the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey
See how your electorate voted in the Marriage Law survey on the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey, 2017, Interactive Map

What's new in Statistical Geography

A full set of historical ASGC and ASGS boundaries, and Geographic Correspondences are now available on Search for; ‘ABS’, the 'year', and ‘correspondences or coding indexes’

The Australian Population Grid models Estimated Residential Population on 1 km2 grid cells across Australia for June 2017

Get ASGS boundaries as a web service using the ABS Geospatial Web Services User Guide

Look at how Australians spending patterns change depending on their access to services in our Capital Cities - Access to Services and Household Expenditure in Australian Capital Cities

Upcoming Releases

ASGS Volume 3: Non ABS Structures Update – 31 July 2018 - Includes updated Local Government Areas, State and Commonwealth Electoral Divisions