Senior Staff Biography - Dean Bowley, Regional Director, South Australia

Dean is the Regional Director of the South Australian office. He is responsible for the overall management of the SA office and works closely with South Australian Government agencies to support their statistical needs. The South Australian office has just under 200 staff and is located in Adelaide. The office has a diverse work program including Cultural, Recreational, and Migrant Statistics and Construction Business Statistics; Education, Children, Cultural and Migrant Surveys; Disabilities, Carers and Environment Surveys; Regional Statistics, including Population Estimates; State Government and client servicing, as well as corporate and technology services.

Dean Bowley joined the ABS in 2012 as the Regional Director, South Australia after service as an officer in the Australian Army and as a research scientist in the Defence Science and Technology Organisation. At DSTO, he led a research group that formulated advice for capability acquisition decisions based on the qualitative and statistical analysis of military operations, mathematical modelling, and surveys of subject matter experts.

Dean holds an Applied Science degree (University of NSW), a post graduate qualification in mechanical engineering (Cranfield, UK), and an MBA (Adelaide).