Chris Libreri, General Manager, Census and Statistical Services Division

Image: Chris Libreri

Since October 2015 Chris Libreri has been the General Manager of the Census and Statistical Services Division which delivers a range of outcomes that enable ABS business outcomes. The Division incorporates two Branches - Population Census which is responsible for conducting all elements of the Australian Census of Population and Housing and National Data Acquisition Centre (NDAC) which provides a comprehensive statistical data acquisition service for the ABS.

Chris joined the ABS in 1980 and prior to his current appointment he was the Acting General Manager Governance, People and Culture (2015), Head of Human Resources Branch (2009-14), Acting Chief Operating Officer (2013), Regional Director ABS New South Wales Office (2008-09), Regional Director Northern Territory Office (2007-08); and prior to that Director of Service Industry Statistics; the National Centre for Crime and Justice Statistics; ABS Business Frames; and Corporate & Client Services Branches - all based in the Victorian Office. He had also previously worked in Social Analysis, Public Finance Statistics, Population Survey Operations and the Central Marketing areas of the ABS. He has completed post-graduate qualifications in Management (University of Canberra) and Statistics (Victoria University).

The CSS Division is geographically dispersed with Census staff predominantly in Canberra but with cells in Melbourne, Sydney and Darwin and NDAC in our Centre of Excellence for Survey Management in our newest ABS office in Geelong with a cell in Canberra. Chris has a particular focus on quality management and on engaging with key clients and providers.

In the past he has represented the ABS on a number of Australian Public Service coordination and advisory forums as well as a number of specific Australian Public Service technical groups. Internationally he has worked closely with the UNECE and the Statistical Institute for the Asia Pacific (SIAP) and has led statistical missions to a number of countries including Indonesia, he is currently a member of the International Census Forum. Chris is also a member of key ABS governance forums and the ABS Management Meeting.

Chris is married to Michelle and they have five adult children and two grand daughters. His personal interests include the upkeep of a classic car, watching motor-sport and Australian Rules Football and he gets great enjoyment from spending time with his wife and dog including walking and Sunday driving.