Senior Staff Biography - Celia Moss, Regional Director, Northern Territory

Celia Moss is the Regional Director, Northern Territory. The NT Office has a diverse work program, with a focus on Social Statistics, particularly in relation to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population, as well as expertise in remote data collection and engagement across northern Australia. A key function of the NT Office is to maximise the effective use of, and access to, official statistics for informed-decision making in and about the NT. The NT Office works closely with NT Government and NGOs in support of the National Statistical Service (NSS).

Celia has over 25 years experience in the field of statistics. During this time she has developed extensive expertise across a range of social statistical collections, working on both the Australia and United Kingdom Population Censuses, as well as leading ABS involvement with the groundbreaking Longitudinal Study of Australian Children. For the majority of her career, Celia has been based at the ABS in Canberra, but in early 2010 she joined the Northern Territory office of the ABS as Director of the Northern Australia Census Management Unit. In that role, Celia contributed to the development and implementation of strategies to improve enumeration outcomes across the northern Australia region, addressing challenges in relation to remoteness, cultural and language barriers, hard to reach populations and the high mobility of communities living in these areas.

Celia was appointed as Regional Director of the Northern Territory in February 2013. Celia has a Bachelor of Arts (History and Geography) from the Australian National University, and post graduate qualifications in Statistics from the Victoria University.