CDATA96 - What CDATA96 can do for you

CDATA96 is a dynamic cost-effective business tool that gives you access to valuable Census data to help you achieve your marketing, administrative and research goals.

CDATA96 combines MapInfo software with the wealth of information collected in the 1996 Census by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

The result is the most comprehensive source of Australian Census data available for purchase.

CDATA96 will help you:

  • Identify demographic trends over time
  • Understand your target markets by establishing comprehensive socio-demographic profiles
  • Maximise your potential customer base

Graph: Birthplace of individuals - Marrackville Image: Birthplace of Individuals by Collection District

Effectively plan & allocate resources by targeting areas that best satisfy your business and service requirements

Image: Table of labour force participation by sex

Integrate your own data with Census information to help establish or review your organisations objectives.

  • Identify opportunities for growth - promote your products and services in areas with the appropriate socio-demographic profile, i.e. where they are really needed!

Image: Two parent families with dependent offspring and an annual income $40-$60K

CDATA96 will provide you with detailed data and mapping functions to make informed decisions and future plans.

The CDATA96 package is:
  • an essential tool for any organisation involved in research, planning and marketing.
  • a cost-effective software that is ideal for organisations with budgeting constraints and limited resources.