Women's Safety Survey, 1996, Basic

The 1996 Women's Safety Survey CURF contains 404 data items on 6,333 women aged 18 years or more in 6,333 private dwellings. The file provides information about the personal circumstances and characteristics of each respondent; including household type, age, marital status, employment status, educational attainment, income, and birthplace; a range of items describing experiences of physical and sexual violence, including type experienced, male or female perpetrator, relationship to perpetrator, when the last incident occurred, injuries sustained, whether incidents were reported to police, whether assistance was sought from other services providers by type, reasons for not contacting police or service providers; as well as information items relating to experiences of stalking, other forms of abuse, and of feelings of safety at home and in the community. There are no State or Territory identifiers, however the quintile of SEIFA index for socio-economic disadvantage has been included.

More information about the CURF is provided in the Technical Paper available below. Information in the Technical Paper was correct at time of publication.

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