Distributing ABS Data - General Conditions

The ABS wishes to see its statistics widely used as it contributes to the mission of assisting and encouraging informed decision making, research and discussion within governments, business and the community. We encourage secondary distribution of our data, even where the products or services compete directly with those of the ABS. To facilitate wide use of our statistics the majority of our information, both customised data requests and material on our website, is now licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Australia licence. More details are available in the ABS Copyright statement.

The following general conditions apply to the use of ABS intellectual property:

    • Any reproduction, distribution or commercialisation of ABS intellectual property, beyond that allowed by the Copyright Act 1968, or allowed by the ABS under licence requires the prior written agreement of the Commonwealth, in the form of a contract or letter of permission.

    • Value adding to ABS data does not extinguish ABS intellectual property rights.

    • The data, product or service you require will be charged according to current ABS pricing policy. In most cases, ABS data will be supplied with licence conditions attached. The Creative Commons Attribution Australia (CC-BY) licence is the default licence, however other licence conditions may be applied where more appropriate. Where no licence conditions are indicated, full Copyright applies.

    • Where distributors require ongoing delivery of data or have other special requirements, the full cost will be borne by the distributor.

    • The ABS will not enter into any exclusive distribution arrangements, and specifically reserves the right to enter into similar arrangements with other distributors.

    • The ABS can not engage in any conduct that contravenes the Trade Practice Act 1974.

    • The ABS reserves the right to refuse to enter into an agreement if, in the opinion of the Australian Statistician, such an agreement may bring the ABS into disrepute.

    • In all cases ABS should be acknowledged as the source of the material. Please see the ABS Copyright statement for more information.

For further information contact:

National Client Services
Australian Bureau of Statistics
Locked Bag 10
Belconnen ACT 2616

Telephone 1300 135 070
Email: client.services@abs.gov.au
Further information about Secondary Distributors of ABS Data can be found on Data - Dialogue