Frequently Asked Questions about P3P

What is P3P?

The Platform for Privacy Preferences Project (P3P), developed by the World Wide Web Consortium, allows web site visitors to monitor and control the way their personal information is used on Web sites. Participating Web sites answer a set of multiple-choice questions, creating a summary of the site's privacy policies, which can then be interpreted and displayed by P3P-enabled browsers. When you use a P3P-enabled browser to visit a site participating in P3P, the browser automatically reads the site's P3P summary and compares the site's privacy practices to the privacy preferences you've set. The browser might display an alert or block transmission of certain data, such as cookies, if a web site's practices differ from your preferences.

How is the ABS responding to P3P?

The ABS has posted P3P machine-readable privacy statements on our web site to communicate our online privacy practices. We have prepared both a full version for all online activities and a shorter version that focuses on cookies usage.

What is the ABS's privacy policy?

The ABS Privacy Statement describes how we handle customer information. The ABS places the highest value on customer trust, and we employ numerous controls and safeguards to maintain that trust.

What does P3P look like?

Only those customers who use P3P-enabled browsers or plug-ins will interact with the ABS's P3P-specific privacy statements. The summary of the ABS's privacy practices, as described for P3P-enabled browsers, should not trigger alerts for those customers, no matter which standard privacy level setting they select. As with any browser, if a user chooses to block all cookies, certain web features will no longer function.

Customers who do not use P3P-enabled browsers will not see security alerts from P3P.

Is there anything I need to do about P3P?

If you are using a P3P-enabled browser and you receive a warning at the ABS web site, you may adjust your browser's privacy settings to minimize or prevent further warnings from appearing by adding to your browser's Trusted Sites. By doing this, your browser will accept all cookies from the ABS without warnings or alerts.

Where can I go for more information about P3P?

You can learn more about P3P from the World Wide Web Consortium at