Technology Services Division

    Types of Work

    • Provision of applications development and support services.
    • Management and support of information technology infrastructure.
    • Providing the strategy, reporting, human resources and financial planning to the division.

    Areas of Work:
    • Business Process Improvement;
    • Process Mapping;
    • Analysis and Design;
    • Enterprise Architecture Development;
    • Service Oriented Development;
    • Process Assembly and Integration;
    • Large Portfolio of Systems;
    • Externalised Business;
    • Processes;
    • Open Source;
    • Java & .Net;
    • SAS & Blaise;
    • Lotus Notes & Domino;
    • Oracle;
    • Knowledge Management;
    • Project Management;
    • Library Management;
    • Infrastructure Design & Support;
    • Internet and Web Services;
    • Software Management;
    • Windows Desktops & Notebooks;
    • Windows, Linux & Sun;
    • Solaris Servers;
    • Voice & Data Communications; and
    • ITC Security.

    Relevant fields of study and/or experience are:

    Software Engineering, Computer Science, Information and Communications Technology, Information Management, Librarianship, Business Management, Project Management, Web Design and Development

Opportunities are available in Central Office and some Regional Offices around Australia.

Who we are

Technology Services Division (TSD) provides ICT services to ABS staff in the field and in offices across Australia that are world class, reliable and value for money. We work in partnership with the statistical and business areas to apply ICT solutions to achieve the outcomes and mission of the ABS. TSD has a work force of approximately 450, primarily permanent, ICT professionals.

The work of the ABS' presents a number of exciting challenges and opportunities for the utilisation of technology. For example, the five yearly Census requires the ABS to visit every residence in Australia, thus Census Operations are underpinned by applications and infrastructure to support a massive field workforce, online data collection, online data dissemination and form image capture / recognition. The economic statistics program presents a different range of challenges with large datasets, need for powerful analysis and fast, regular dissemination of key economic indicators. The data collected and held by the ABS is very sensitive and thus we need to continue to invest in improving and maintaining our security.

The ABS has a large portfolio of applications to support the varied statistical program of the ABS. This includes applications for the collection and processing of the Census and a wide range of economic, social and environmental statistics. We also support administrative systems such as finance and HR. We have an open culture supported by our knowledge management environment and have recently embraced social networking within the organisation.

The ABS has modern ICT infrastructure which has been recognised as good practice in many areas through benchmarking across government. The infrastructure environment includes virtual servers, enterprise storage solutions, voice and data services, video conferencing, internet services, desktop and laptops, monitoring and environment management, and a range of middleware products including SAS, SuperStar, Oracle and Domino.

Reflecting the breadth of professional skills required to meet the business needs of the ABS, we also have amongst our team Security, Portfolio Management, Project Management, Business Analysis and Architecture professionals.

TSD is collaborating with ICT professionals from National Statistical Institutions of other countries, the United Nations and the Statistical Division of the OECD. TSD staff undertake missions to other nations to assist with their utilisation of technology to support their statistical operations.

We operate as a national business with our staff located in Canberra and each state and territory capital city. A single agreed work program each year provides clarity about the work you will be doing, allowing you to contribute significantly to the services and systems for your clients.

We are always looking for innovative ideas, an example is the recently launched initiative called Codeplay which aims to bring a broader community together to look for innovative ICT solutions to benefit the ABS and all other data users.

Who we are looking for

We are looking for applicants who:
    1. are motivated to achieve excellence in using ICT systems to support business processes;
    2. possess strong technical expertise in application development and infrastructure integration and support.

We are looking for applicants of a high calibre from a wide variety of information technology backgrounds. You possess energy and drive and have strong interpersonal and communication skills. Your motivation to achieve and lead, and your passion for using, maintaining and developing ICT systems to enable and support businesses will enhance your ability to work well in a team environment. You may be interested in roles that require technical expertise, or others that require business sense. TSD offers a diverse range of career opportunities.

What you will be doing

The Technology Services Division (TSD) provides a comprehensive information technology and communication service to the ABS, encompassing mid-range and small scale computing facilities and associated communications network. The Division is run as a national business and is comprised of three Branches.