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Census data

What are Census data items?

A Census data item (or variable) is a characteristic of a data unit which is measured or observed, e.g. country of birth, or income.

Census data items are classified in three groups:
  • Person variables
  • Family variables
  • Dwelling variables

Where can I find definitions of the data items?

Details can be found in the 2011 Census Dictionary (cat. no. 2901.0) To find the definitions for a previous Census, go to Historical reference & information for links to the relevant Census Dictionary.

What data items are available in 2011 Census data products and where can I find a list of them?

Go to the Information Paper: Census of Population and Housing – Products and Services, 2011 (cat. no. 2011.0.55.001), Appendixes 2 - 9 for a description of the data items (variables) that are available.

What can Census data tell us?

Analytical articles have been designed to tell users a story for a selected topic.

How accurate are Census data?

Go to the Data quality page for general information about the accuracy of Census data. As information is released about the quality of 2011 Census data, you will find this information in the Data quality section of the website.

Information about the quality of data from previous Censuses is in the Historical reference & information page.

What is the Census?



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