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TableBuilder tutorials

These tutorials are a guide on how to use TableBuilder




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TableBuilder tutorials

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Getting started

Link to TableBuilder tutorial - getting started
video (5.9 MB)
Understanding the
table view page

Link to TableBuilder tutorial - understanding the table view page
video (4.5 MB)
Working with tables

Link to TableBuilder tutorial - working with tables
video (6.3 MB)
Large tables

Link to TableBuilder tutorial - large tables
video (8.5 MB)
Getting started– Tutorial transcript 1Understanding the table view page
– Tutorial transcript 2
Working with tables
– Tutorial transcript 3
Large tables
– Tutorial transcript 4
Map to group
Link to TableBuilder tutorial - map to group
video (4.9 MB)
Custom groups
Link to TableBuilder tutorial - custom groups
video (7.3 MB)
Graph view
Link to TableBuilder tutorial - graph view
video (3.7 MB)
Map view basics
Link to TableBuilder tutorial - map view basics
video (8.4 MB)
Map to group
– Tutorial transcript 5
Custom groups
– Tutorial transcript 6
Graph view
– Tutorial transcript 7
Map view basics
– Tutorial transcript 8
Please note From time to time additional functions are added to TableBuilder, so there may be some differences between what you see in the tutorials and what you see when you use TableBuilder.

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