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Functions and performance

What is the difference between Pro and Basic?

On the TableBuilder details page there is a table outlining these differences.

I am having a technical problem with the Census website/a Census product, how do I report this?

If you are having technical problems - for example logging in or registering, broken links or slow response times using a Census product - please use the Report a technical problem form to submit a report, or call us on 1300 135 070 between 9am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday.

I keep getting error messages, or a Census product won't load correctly.

If you are using Internet Explorer 7 you are most likely experiencing compatibility issues. For example, TableBuilder Map View does not work in Internet Explorer 7. We suggest you update your Internet Explorer to a later version or try to load the webpage in an alternate browser e.g. Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

What are the main functions I can perform in TableBuilder Basic and Pro?

In Chapter 1 of the TableBuilder user manual you can see what's new for 2011 as well as all the other features of TableBuilder.

TableBuilder is timing out.

TableBuilder will time out when no action has been taken for 30 minutes. Your session will end and you will lose any work that you have not saved.

What is the largest table I can construct in TableBuilder?

TableBuilder Pro and Basic have a limit of 5 million cells in a table. The number of different variables (of any size) that can be included in a table is limited to 8 in total, (including geography).

When I submit a large table it isn't returned.

Large tables (over 5,000 cells) are sent to a queue for processing. The time it takes for the system to process and return your table will depend on the number of other tables in the queue ahead of yours. Please note, in extremely busy periods, your table could take 24 hours or more to process.

What is the best way to reduce a large table?

Removing unwanted totals will reduce the size of your table as will removing any unnecessary categories such as Not Applicable.

Why do I have dashes in my table?

If your table exceeds 5,000 cells it is moved into Large Table Mode. You will not see your full table in the screen and cells are filled with dashes. Once the table is processed your data will appear in the table.

Why do I have only zeroes in my table?

If your table includes variables that have not been released yet in the database you are using, it will show zeroes.

I can't retrieve my table – the Retrieve button is not working.

If your table exceeds 5,000 cells it is moved into Large Table Mode and you will need to use the Queue Job button to tabulate your table.

I can't retrieve a map - Map View is not working

Map View does not always work in Internet Explorer 8. Use the browser Back arrow (at the top left of your screen in Internet Explorer 8), then click on Map View again. The map should now be generated.

What format can I download my tables in?

Tables can be downloaded in the following file formats:
  • Excel 2007 (.xlsx) and 2003 (.xls)
  • Comma separated CSV (.csv)
  • CSV single string (.csv)
  • SDMX Structure Definition (.xml)
  • SDMX Archive (.xml)

What format can I download my maps in?

Maps can be downloaded in the following file formats:
  • Adobe Acrobat PDF (.pdf)
  • KMZ (.kmz)

What format can I download my graphs in?

Graphs can be downloaded in the following file formats:
  • Adobe Acrobat PDF (.pdf)
  • PNG (.png)

Exporting to Excel 2007 fails to run in Job Queue.

Press the View button in the job queue to reopen the table and then resubmit using a CSV file format that can be opened in Excel.

Can I upload my table, graph or map back into TableBuilder?

No, you can only save tables in TableBuilder and then open them in a later session. To re-open a map or graph in a later session you will need to save the table used to create the map, then when you access your account later, open the saved table and click on the Graph View tab or Map View tab to view them again.

Some classifications are missing - for example, I can only see Australia, not the other geographic areas.

This sometimes occurs when using some versions of Internet Explorer (9, 10 and 11).
Example showing incomplete classifications:

This is how the classifications should look:

To see the missing classifications, follow these steps to enable Compatibility View in your browser.

1. From the menu at the top of your screen (if you can't see the menu, press the Alt key), select Tools:

2. From the Tools menu, select Compatibility View settings:

3. Type
http://abs.gov.au in the box 'Add this website' and click on the Add button, then the Close button.



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