2.1 Register to use TableBuilder

You need to register to use TableBuilder though the Registration Centre. TableBuilder Basic data are free of charge but you need to register to obtain a user ID and password.

2.2 Log in

The login screen allows you to log in to TableBuilder, recover a forgotten password or manage your profile.

2.2.1 Registered User login

Once you have successfully completed the registration steps you will have access to all the functionality of TableBuilder and will be able to save and retrieve your custom geographic areas, data items and tables.

To log in to TableBuilder, enter your User ID and password. Click the 'Log in' button.

2.2.2 Unsuccessful Registered User login

If your attempt to log in is unsuccessful and you have registered to use TableBuilder, an error message will be displayed advising you of this. You can:
  1. Try again to log in. Remember, all passwords are case sensitive. You only have three attempts to correctly log in. Three incorrect attempts will lock your account; you will need to contact the National Information and Referral Service (NIRS) (see Chapter 11).

    or —
  2. Use the 'Forgotten password' link:
    1. Enter your email address and your secret question will be displayed. You only have three attempts to answer the question correctly, after which you will be required to contact NIRS (see Chapter 11).
    2. Answer the question correctly and an email will be sent to your registered email address.
    3. Click on the confirmation link in the email. This will take you to the password reset screen.
    4. Again answer the secret question correctly and then enter a new password.

2.3 Log out

The log out function is visible at the top right of every screen; use 'Log out' to exit TableBuilder. If you fail to log out and simply close the window, your session will remain active. Any attempts to log in again will be unsuccessful until the session has automatically timed out. This is approximately 30 minutes.

Logout link

2.4 Transferring a TableBuilder registration to another user

TableBuilder licences can be transferred to another registered user within the organisation. The new user will NOT have access to any of the saved tables or custom groups created by the previous registered user. To transfer a product, click on the 'Log in' button on the TableBuilder page and then click on the 'My profile summary' link.

Any products that you can transfer will have a link, 'Transfer' next to the product name.

2.5 Change password

To change your password, go to 'My profile' and select the 'Change password' tab.

Only the registered user can change their password, and this must be done online. The ABS are unable to change a password for you; however, they are able to reset it.