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Count of All
Children in Family

Count of All Children in Family (CACF)

New for 2011, this variable counts all children in a family as defined by the Relationship in Household (RLHP) variable. It is derived from Relationship in Household (RLHP) and Count of Children Under 15/Dependent Students (15-24)/Non-Dependent Children Temporarily Absent (CDCAF / CDSAF / CNDAF). This includes up to three children who were temporarily absent on Census Night.

Count of all Children in Family (CACF) is applicable to all families with children enumerated in private dwellings which accounts for 60.5% of all families.

For further information see the data quality statements for Family Composition (FMCF) and Relationship in Household (RLHP).

More information on CACF is available in the 2011 Census Dictionary (cat. no. 2901.0).

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