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DataPacks –
Answers to FAQs

Obtaining DataPacks

How do I get a DVD DataPack?

To buy a DataPack, phone 1300 135 070 (ABS National Information and Referral Service).
International callers phone +61 2 9268 4909.

You will need to give the catalogue number for the type of DataPack you want to buy:

DVD title catalogue number
Basic Community, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples (Indigenous) and Time Series Profiles, DVD cat. no. 2069.0.30.008
Place of Enumeration, Expanded Community and Working Population Profiles, DVD cat. no. 2069.0.30.009
Estimated Resident Population, DVD cat. no. 2069.0.30.010

The DataPack will then be mailed to you, or can be collected after 11.30 am from your ABS state or territory office, on the day of data release.

How much does a DVD DataPack cost?

DVDs are priced to recover administrative and production costs. The data are free.

The Community Profile DataPacks are not sold on separate DVDs but are sold as compilations.

The first DVD has the DataPacks for:
  • Basic Community Profile
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples (Indigenous) Profile
  • Time Series Profile.

The second DVD has the DataPacks for:
  • Place of Enumeration Profile
  • Expanded Community Profile
  • Working Population Profile (this first appears on the second release DVD).

Each of these DVDs costs $100 (includes postage and GST). This price includes the second and third release DVDs which will also be mailed to you.

The Estimated Resident Population DataPack on DVD costs $50 (includes postage and GST).

For $250 (includes postage and GST) you can purchase all 7 DataPacks for all releases (first, second and third release).

Can I get a DVD DataPack with just one DataPack on it – and pay less?

No. However, DataPacks can be downloaded from our website for free. DataPacks for download become available about three weeks after the DVDs become available.

How much does a DataPack cost to download?

DataPack downloads are free.

Are 2006 Census DataPacks still available?

Yes. The 2006 Census DataPacks are still available, but differ from the 2011 DataPacks:
  • 2006 DataPacks are on CD-ROM (2011 are on DVDs).
  • 2006 DataPacks use a different geography classification, the Australian Standard Geographical Classification (ASGC). The Australian Statistical Geography Standard (ASGS) was used in 2011.

To order 2006 Census DataPacks contact the National Information and Referral Service on 1300 135 070.

Can I share my login details with colleagues/friends so they can access ABS registered products?

No. Under the licensed user Terms and Conditions, you have agreed to ensure that your access details are not provided to another party. This applies to both individual and organisation licensed users. If a user is found to have breached this condition, individual and/or organisational licences may be revoked.

As a licensed user of a registered organisation is it OK to share access details with other members of the organisation who are not licensed users?

No. All individuals within a registered organisation who desire access to ABS registered products are required to register separately as users from that organisation. Organisations who purchase an Organisational Licence are allowed an unlimited number of registered users as part of that licence. Under the licensed user Terms & Conditions, you have agreed to ensure that your access details are not provided to another party. If a user or organisation is found to have breached this condition, Individual and/or Organisational Licences may be revoked.



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