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Do you need to keep up to date with recent trends in the housing market? Check the latest ABS releases on house construction, prices and finance.



8731.0 Building Approvals, Australia


Provides the number and value of dwelling units approved by sector (public/private) and by State, number and value of new other residential dwelling units approved by type of building, and the number and value of non-residential building jobs approved by class of building (eg warehouses, offices, accommodation, etc) and value ranges. State data includes the number of private sector houses approved, and for Capital City Statistical Divisions, the total number of dwelling units approved by sector. Seasonally adjusted and trend estimates by State are included for the number of dwelling units and value of building approved, while the quarterly value of building approved is shown in chain volume measure terms.


Australia: Monthly


8750.0 Dwelling Unit Commencements, Australia, Preliminary


Preliminary estimates of the number of dwelling units (new houses, new other residential and conversions, etc.) commenced for private sector and public sector, by State. Total number of dwelling units commenced by State in seasonally adjusted and trend terms.



8752.0 Building Activity, Australia


Presents building activity statistics, for each State and Territory, and for private and public sectors for Australia. Includes number of dwelling units commenced and completed and value of building work commenced, completed, done and yet to be done. Information is provided for new residential buildings (houses and other residential), alterations and additions to residential buildings and non-residential buildings by class of building (e.g. warehouses, offices, accommodation, etc.). Includes seasonally adjusted and trend estimates of the number of dwelling units commenced and completed by State and the value of building work commenced, completed and done. Also includes value of building work commenced and done in chain volume measures terms. It includes more comprehensive and updated information to that contained in Cat. nos. 8755.0 and 8750.0.



8755.0 Construction Work Done, Australia, Preliminary


Presents preliminary statistics for the value of construction work done in Australia. Separate data is shown for building work done and for engineering work done for both the private and public sectors. The building work done data is further dissected into new residential, alterations and additions to residential and non-residential work. Original, seasonally adjusted and trend estimates are provided in current prices and chain volume measures terms. This is the major source of data used to compile the national accounts estimates for private gross fixed capital formation on dwellings, and other buildings and structures.



Engineering Construction

8762.0 Engineering Construction Activity, Australia


Contains value of engineering construction work done, commenced and yet to be done, classified by State or Territory, commodity (roads, bridges, pipelines etc), sector (public/private) undertaking the work, and sector for whom the work is being done. Includes seasonally adjusted estimates of the value of work done by sector in both current prices and in chain volume measure terms. It includes more comprehensive and updated information to that contained in cat. no. 8755.0.



Construction Industry Survey

8772.0 Private Sector Construction Industry, Australia


Contains estimates of financial information for private sector businesses in both the residential and non-residential sectors of the industry at a national level. More detailed information is available on the residential sector and building trades sector at a State level. Data include selected performance ratios, income and expenditure, employment and selected characteristics of the industry.


Infrequent; 2002-03, 1996-97, 1988-89, 1984-85, 1978-79.


8782.0.65.001 Construction Activity: Chain Volume Measures, Australia.


Historical Publications on CD-ROM

For your own personal library of ABS statistics, choose our Historical Publications on CD-ROM (cat. no. 1124.0). It contains electronic copies of every printed publication produced by the ABS in a calendar year, stored in Acrobat (PDF) file format.


AusStats is a web based information service making the ABS' standard product range available on-line via the World Wide Web. AusStats is an integral part of the ABS web site and is a subscription service.

AusStats will be updated daily, after 11.30 am, and will give you access to:

All ABS publications from 1998 onwards in Adobe Acrobat format (pdf)
Over 2,000 spreadsheets
Multidimensional datasets in SuperTABLE format
Census Basic Community Profiles to the Statistical Local Area (SLA) level in Excel spreadsheet format.
Free summary information including Main Features, Release Advices & Australia Now and extensive linking between related information.

Topics covered include: Agricultural Statistics; Balance of Payments and International Investment; Building and Construction; Consumer Income and Expenditure; Crime and Justice; Demography; Education; Finance; Environment; Health; Indigenous Statistics; International Trade; Labour Market; Manufacturing Statistics; Mining; National Accounts; Population and Migration; Prices; Producer and Foreign Trade Indexes; Public Sector; Retail and Service Industries; Social Statistics; Stocks and Manufacturers' Sales; Tourism; Transport; Welfare and Social Services; Reserve Bank of Australia and OECD data.

Data Cubes

Data cubes cross classify a number of variables, enabling users to customise tables. Users can obtain cubes and detailed instructions via an Ausstats subscription, or from the ABS website ( then go to 'Ausstats', then to 'publications and data' then go to 'Data Cubes')

Building Approvals Data Cubes for small area data are available in two formats: SuperTABLE and Excel spreadsheet. The Excel spreadsheets contain data available from the SuperTABLE data cubes but with less detail e.g. SuperTABLE data cubes include data for each individual month whereas the Excel spreadsheets contain data for the total year.

Building Approvals are available in two SuperTable data cubes. The first data cube contains monthly Australian and state data for the most recent 37 months, with the number and value of approvals by sector of ownership (public/private), type of building and type of work. The second cube contains similar data for Statistical Local Areas within states/territories by financial year, with a separate cube for each state/territory. All Building Approval data cubes are
free of charge.
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Building Activity data is available in one SuperTable data cube. The data cube contains quarterly Australian and state data since September 2001, with the number of dwelling units commenced and completed, value of building commenced and completed, and value of work done, by sector of ownership (public/private), type of building and type of work. The Building Activity data cube is free of charge.

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With the vast resources of the ABS at your fingertips, ABS@ can give you the background you require to make informed decisions.

If your query can't be solved by any of our existing publications or products, our Consultancy Services staff may be able to help you.

Spotlight on Housing

Do you need to keep up to date with recent trends in the housing market? Let the ABS help you understand the issues with the latest in housing data:

Housing Finance for Owner Occupation, Australia, (cat. no. 5609.0) presents statistics of secured housing finance commitments made by significant lenders to individuals.

Lending Finance, Australia, (cat. no. 5671.0) contains statistics for secured housing finance, other personal finance, commercial and lease finance. Also includes thematic tables on the financing of housing for owner occupation as well as for commitments for the purchase of land, or for the construction or purchase of dwellings for rent or resale.

House Price Indexes: Eight Capital Cities, (cat. no. 6416.0) provides estimates of changes in house prices for each of the eight capital cities of Australia, in the form of price indexes for established houses and for newly constructed houses (excluding land). The indexes measure price movements over time in each city individually. They do not measure differences in price levels between cities.

Building Approvals, Australia, (cat. no. 8731.0) presents monthly details of building work approved including dwelling units in both the Public and Private Sectors. Details of both the numbers approved and value of approvals are shown for houses and other dwellings separately, so that average values of approvals can be calculated for various types of dwellings.

A range of publications and related tables are now available free of charge from the web site.

Other information can be purchased by non-subscribers using a credit card online or by calling the National Information and Referral Service (NIRS) on 1300 135 070.

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