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Can I register for multiple products?
Yes, you can register and apply for multiple ABS registered products. Microdata products are available by subscriptions of up to 12 months, and are available in data series. For more information about the products that are included in each of the data series, see Expected and available microdata.

Are products free?
Some products are free, and some require payment. TableBuilder Basic and DataPacks Online are free. TableBuilder for survey products, and Census TableBuilder Pro 2006 and 2011 require payment. For more information, see Microdata prices.

Do I get a discount for multiple licences for a product?
There is no discount for multiple products, however an organisation licence gives access to an unlimited number of users within that organisation.

What is an Individual Licence?
An Individual Licence is a licence for people not associated with an organisation. If you are part of an organisation you are not eligible to apply for an Individual Licence.

How long after I register for the products can I start using them?
You may start using free ABS registered products immediately after you have registered and receive a confirmation email. You may start using charged ABS registered products after your payment has been processed and you receive a confirmation email.

How long is a subscription valid for?
Organisations can subscribe to paid microdata products (in data series) for up to 12 months, from July to the following June. Before the end of the subscription year, the ABS will contact each organisation to determine the data series subscriptions for the following year. For more information about subscriptions, see Microdata prices. For more information about the products that are included in each of the data series, see Expected and available microdata.

Who should be a Payment Officer for an Individual Licence?
A Payment Officer is responsible for paying for the Individual Licence. The Payment Officer can also be the user registering for the product.

What happens when a subscriber no longer requires the Individual Licence?
Subscriptions last for up to 12 months, from July to the following June. If a user no longer requires their subscription at the end of the subscription period, the user should not renew the subscription.
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What is an Organisational Licence?
An Organisational Licence is a licence type that must be used when a member of an organisation wants to apply for microdata. Once the first member of an organisation has subscribed for an Organisation Licence to a data series, all other organisation members can apply for the same data series at no additional charge during the subscription period.

How does the ABS define an organisation for the purposes of an Organisational Licence?
The ABS determines organisations on a case by case basis. This is generally based on the structure and separate identity of the organisation.

How do I know if my organisation has an Organisational Licence?
When registering, you will be presented with a list of registered organisations. If your organisation is on that list, you may request to 'join' that organisation.

What if my organisation is not on the list?
If your organisation is not on the list it will need to be registered. Only the Contact Officer for the organisation can register.

How do I register my organisation?
After you have checked that your organisation does not appear on the list of organisations, you may select 'My organisation doesn't appear on the list. I want to register a new organisation.' Only the Contact Officer for the organisation can register.

What is an organisational Contact Officer?
A Contact Officer is the person who will liaise with the ABS on behalf of their organisation regarding their Organisational Licence. They are responsible for reviewing applications to use their Organisational Licence and confirming that each applicant is a member of their organisation. The Contact Officer approves requests to be added to the organisation and to access products.
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What is an organisation's Delegate?
An organisational Delegate is the person who can act as another point of contact for the organisation (see Delegate officer in Roles and Responsibilities).

Who should be a Contact Officer?
A Contact Officer should be someone in a position of responsibility, such as a manager and is responsible for paying for the organisation's subscriptions. The person registering an organisation automatically becomes the Contact Officer for that organisation.

How is the Contact Officer selected?
The Contact Officer is automatically set as the person who registers the organisation, so the person who first registers the organisation should be the person who will be undertaking the Contact Officer responsibilities.

How do you change the Contact Officer for an organisation?
If the Contact Officer has changed for an organisation, the existing Contact Officer can add Contact Officers to the organisation via the 'Organisation administration' tab. Log in to 'My account', select the 'Organisation administration' tab then and select 'Members'. Select the user who will be the new Contact Officer and click on the 'Make Contact Officer' button. Note that the Contact Officer must be an existing organisational member. For further assistance contact the National Information and Referral Service on 1300 135 070.

How many members can an Organisational Licence have?
An Organisational Licence for a data series can have an unlimited number of members. An organisation can subscribe to one or more data series. All members must be a member of the organisation.

How do I remove my name from an Organisational Licence?
Go to 'My account' and select the tab 'Organisation products'. Click on the Leave Organisation button.

Add and remove Contact Officers by logging in to 'My account' and selecting the 'Organisation administration' tab. However, if you are a Contact Officer, you will not be able to remove yourself. You will need to allocate another person within your organisation to be the Contact Officer first, and get the new Contact Officer to remove you. If you have further difficulties, contact the ABS by calling 1300 135 070.

What happens when a subscriber leaves the organisation they work for?
They must notify the Contact Officer so they can be removed as an organisation member.
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What is the difference between Roles & Responsibilities and Terms & Conditions?
The Roles & Responsibilities relate to the Organisational Licence while the Terms & Conditions relate to the individual products.

Can I share my login details with colleagues/friends so they can access ABS registered products?
No. Under the licensed user Terms and Conditions, you have agreed to ensure that your access details are not provided to another party. This applies to both individual and organisation licensed users. If a user is found to have breached this condition, individual and/or organisational licences may be revoked.

As a licensed user of a registered organisation is it okay to share my login details with other members of the organisation?
No. All individuals within a registered organisation who want to access ABS registered products are required to register separately as users from that organisation. Organisations are allowed an unlimited number of registered users as part of a subscription licence to each data series. Under the licensed user Terms & Conditions, you have agreed to ensure that your access details are not provided to another party. If a user or organisation is found to have breached this condition, Individual and/or Organisational Licences may be revoked.


What if I don't receive the email with my user ID?
Select the 'account activation' link on the 'My account' login page and enter in your registered email address. An email will be sent to your email with your user ID and account activation link. If your email is not recognised, you may have registered with an incorrect email address. You can go and register again with the correct email.

What if I forget my password when activating my account?
Select the 'Forgotten Password' link on the Login page. You will need to remember your registered email address and your secret question and answer.

What if I forget the answer to my secret question?
Contact us by calling 1300 135 070.

I am a Contact Officer for my organisation, but I cannot see an 'Organisation administration' tab when I log into 'My account' to endorse pending requests. How do I fix this?
When you log into 'My account', if you see your tabs, but they are aligned vertically down the page, rather than horizontally across the page, the following instructions should fix this.

For internal websites Internet Explorer 8 reverts back to the Internet Explorer 7 engine.
These are instructions to turn this off, so that IE8 is actually running as IE8:
  • If you can't see a menu bar in Internet Explorer (File, Edit, etc.), enable it by right clicking on some empty space in the tab bar and checking Menu Bar.
  • Once you see the menu bar, go to the Tools menu and click on Compatibility View Settings.
  • Uncheck the 'Display intranet sites in Compatibility View' checkbox.
If problem still persists (you still do not see an 'Organisation administration' tab, please contact the ABS on 1300 135 070.

I keep getting error messages, or an ABS registered product won't load correctly.

If you are using Internet Explorer 7 you may experience compatibility issues. We suggest you update your Internet Explorer to a later version or try to load the web page in an alternate browser e.g. Chrome, Firefox or Safari.
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The ABS Privacy Policy outlines how the ABS handles any personal information that you provide to us.

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