Data Integration Projects

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Mental Health Services Project Amendment: Death Registries Data

Traveller Information and Medicare Enrolments Data Integration Project - For privacy information regarding this project please see the Traveller Information and Medicare Enrolments Privacy Impact Assessment

Vulnerable and Disadvantaged Children

Socio-economic Characteristics of School Catchments


Post Enumeration Survey (PES) 2016

Early Learning and Development Dataset: Linking National Early Childhood Education and Care Collection (NECECC), Australian Early Development Census (AEDC) and Childcare Management System (CCMS)

Labour Accounts: Experimental Industry Estimates of Child Workers


Temporary Visa Holders Data Integration Project

The Multi-Agency Data Integration Project (evaluation)

Personal Income Tax and Census Data Integration Project

Utilising Satellite Imagery Data for Agricultural Statistics

Social Security and Related Information (SSRI) and Census Data Integration Projects

Illegal Logging Regulation: Analysis of Regulated Importers by Business Size


Foundational Linked Employer - Employee Database (LEED)

Small Business Participation in Commonwealth Procurement

Mental Health Services Data Integration Project

National Early Childhood Education and Care Collection (NECECC) and Commonwealth Childcare Management System (CCMS) Data Integration Project


Prototype Graph Database: Linked Employer - Employee Data

Characteristics of Australian Exporters

Analysis of the Financial Performance of Participants in the Enterprise Connect Program

Measuring Educational Outcomes over the Life-Course

Household Energy Consumption Project

Australian Census Longitudinal Dataset (ACLD)

ABS Address Register

Business Longitudinal Analysis Data Environment (BLADE)

ABS Business Register and Common Frame Creation

Census Data Enhancement: Migrants Settlements Project, 2011 Census

Census Data Enhancement: Indigenous Mortality Project, 2011 Census

Land Accounts

Census Data and School Vocational Education and Training Data Integration Project

School Enrolments and Census Quality Study


Personal Income Tax and Migrants Integrated Dataset (PITMID)

Clean Energy Regulator and ABS Business Register Data Integration Project

Water Supply and Sewerage Services Survey

Longitudinal Labour Force Dataset

Post Enumeration Survey (PES) 2011


Migrant Settlement Records and Census Quality Study


Census Data Enhancement: Indigenous Mortality Project, 2006 Census