Current Reviews of Social Statistical Standards


The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) is currently undertaking a review of the following social statistical standards:
    • Country Related Standards
    • Language Related Standards
    • Religion Related Standard
The ABS conducts reviews of its statistical standards to maintain the relevance of statistics. These reviews are aimed at ensuring that the standards are brought up-to-date, suitable for use within collections undertaken by the ABS, research institutions and other government departments.

The statistical standards are comprised of a set of components which produce consistent and high quality statistical output across collections and over time. The statistical standard document includes the following components:
    • the standard name
    • the standard definition
    • the standard question(s)
    • the standard classification
    • standard coding procedures
    • standard output categories

The statistical standards specify the approved approaches applied by the ABS in the development, collection, processing and dissemination of official statistics. These standards also enable other statistical agencies, research institutions and government departments to appropriately use data that the ABS collects or to undertake quality data collection.

The main objectives of the reviews are to:
    • maintain relevance
    • maintain consistency in the collection of high quality data
    • improve data usability
    • rectify identified issues

For detailed information on the statistical standards please refer to the relevant standard on the ABS website:
The ABS welcomes any suggestions you may have for changes to the statistical standards for listed social variables. We will be updating the standards with reference to 2011 Census information and making other relevant plain English updates to ensure the standards remain current. However, of particular interest are any areas where the standards do not support statistical analysis, are unclear for users of the data or do not contain enough detailed information. Written submissions should be submitted (by email) to the ABS by COB Tuesday 13th, December 2011; to:

For future reviews of social standards please refer to the Upcoming Review Schedule.