A selection of values below highlight the approach the ABS will take in releasing information from the Australian Health Survey.


  • our data, analysis, and interpretations are independent and objective
  • we publish statistics from each survey that we conduct
  • we operate in a way that encourages trust - we publish the dates for release of our statistics and early access to our statistics is strictly controlled under publicly known arrangements
  • our methodologies and approaches are based on sound statistical principles and practices and are open to scrutiny

  • we work to meet Australia's information needs
  • we collaborate with stakeholders to identify and address the most important data needs to inform policy and research
  • our statistics are timely and we provide information about their quality to assist with their interpretation
  • our statistics are relatable because they are developed in line with relevant nationally and internationally recognised statistical frameworks and standards

  • we understand that our role is to provide a service to the Australian community and governments
  • we work to understand how clients use our statistics so we can respond more effectively to their needs
  • we provide assistance to help clients make effective use of our statistics
  • we build client trust by responding to requests in a timely fashion and provide explanations when we are unable to satisfy requests

Access for all
  • our statistics are available to all Australians
  • we present information in a way that is understandable
  • we work to reduce barriers to accessing our statistics by improving their availability and usability
  • we support intermediaries to make statistics more readily available
  • we strive for accurate and widespread media coverage, and discussion of our information

Trust of providers
  • we protect the confidentiality of information provided to us
  • we consider the privacy implications of our collections and make this information publicly available