The Census of Population and Housing is a rich snapshot of all people living in the country on Census night and is the leading source of information for small population groups and areas.

The ABS produces a wide range of statistic to help us understand Australian families, communities, industry, and the economy and Census is a key part.

ABS statistics inform the planning and delivery of Government, and community services, business decisions and is a key source for important academic research.

Data collected in the 2016 Census will underpin $500 billion of Government funding to States, Territories and Local Governments and informs decisions related to schools, childcare centres, roads, healthcare and hospitals.

The next Census will be conducted in August 2021.


May 2018: Mid consultation update – Review of 2021 Census Topics
Summary: The ABS is consulting on what information we should collect in the 2021 Census. Key areas of interest from the community have been regarding Occupation, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander peoples, Religion and Gender.

June 2018: Temporary Workforce Service Provider Market Assessment
Summary: Once every 5 years, the ABS is required to engage a large casual Census workforce of approximately 30,000 people across the country. The ABS are following the lead of our international colleagues and seeking to engage with potential providers to identify if there are better options for delivering this workforce.

July 2018: Review of 2021 Census Topics: Close of public consultation
Summary: The ABS has closed its public consultation on 30 June 2018 and is currently reviewing the more than 350 submissions received through this consultation process. 

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