What is happening with the next Census?
The next Census of Population and Housing will be conducted in August 2021. The ABS is working to deliver a 2021 Census which is an easy experience for the general public, provides security of information and produces high data quality.

How will the 2021 Census differ from the past?
The ABS is engaging internationally on best practice and building on our learnings from the 2016 Census experience and from the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey in 2017. We are committed to continuous improvement in order to deliver high quality, timely information that Australia needs.

Will the ABS be consulting on changes to the Census?
Yes, we are consulting with our stakeholders and the public to help inform our approach to making the 2021 Census experience easy, simple, secure and valued. Follow @ABSstats to keep updated on any public consultation opportunities.

Key dates

2018: Consultation on key elements of Census planning

2019: Census topics approved

2020: Government announces Census date
Early communication and education commences

2021: Field staff recruited
Customer information centre opens for public enquiries

      Public communication campaign starts
Census goes live
Census closes for responses
Data is processed

2022: Census 2021 results released