Annual Renewal of CURF Access

Each year ABS requires individuals to renew their access to Expanded CURFs. ABS also requires annual renewal of the CURF Undertaking from each organisation. Basic CURFs are not subject to an annual renewal process.

Both the renewal of Expanded CURFs and the renewal of the CURF Undertaking is a condition of CURF use that has been agreed by each organisation's Responsible Officer. These and the other conditions of use of CURFs are outlined in the CURF Undertaking.

Failure to complete annual renewal may result in the withdrawal of access to CURFs for individuals users and/or the organisation.

It is the responsibility of all individual users to renew their access on the annual anniversary of their approval to access Expanded CURFs. Individual users should confirm that they still require use of the CURFs and if so, whether the statistical purpose for use of the CURF has changed. Email with your new Statistical Purpose if it has changed.

Annual renewal time is a good opportunity for CURF users to provide ABS with citations for their published research that has included use of CURFs. This helps ABS understand the range of research activities undertaken using CURFs. ABS publishes these citations on its Published Research Using CURF Microdata web pages so that others can share the benefits of the research.

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