Frequently Asked Questions - Obligations, Liabilities and Penalties - What are the limited licence provisions to use a CURF and what copyright information do I need to know?

Intellectual Property Rights in CURFs, including copyright in the CURF, are owned by the Commonwealth of Australia represented by the ABS. Copyright notices appearing on the CURF or on information displayed or printed by the CURF must not be removed.

An organisation using CURFs is granted a non exclusive, non transferable license by the ABS that allows Authorised Users to use the CURF for statistical purposes in accordance with the Undertaking signed by the Responsible Officer of the organisation.

Publication of data and analysis of the CURF must cite the Australian Bureau of Statistics as the source of the data and include a prominently displayed notice that the results or views expressed are those of the author, and not necessarily those of the ABS. More information about citing CURFs in published output is available on the How do I cite the CURFs I have used in my research? section of the CURF FAQs page.