Frequently Asked Questions - Obligations, Liabilities and Penalties - How can I use a CURF?

Organisations and individuals seeking access to CURFs are required to sign a legally binding Undertaking ensuring that they will:

  • use the data only for the statistical purposes specified
  • not attempt to identify particular persons or organisations
  • not disclose, either directly or indirectly, the data to any other person or organisation other than members of their organisation who have been separately approved by the ABS to have individual access to the information
  • not attempt to match, with or without using identifiers, the data with any other list of persons or organisations
  • in relation to data made available via the Remote Access Data Laboratory (RADL) or the ABS Data Laboratory (ABSDL), access the data only in a manner specifically authorised in writing by the ABS
  • not attempt to access the data after the term of their authorisation expires, or after their authorisation is rescinded by the organisation which provided it, or after they cease to be a member of that organisation

Please contact if you require further guidance regarding acceptable use of CURFs.