Frequently Asked Questions - Who can access CURFs? - Can overseas clients apply for an ABS CURF?

The ABS will consider releasing CURF data to overseas applicants on a case by case basis.

Successful overseas applications will usually fulfil one of two criteria:

1. they are affiliated with an Australian university or government department, or their country’s National Statistical Office (such as the US Census Bureau, Statistics New Zealand, Statistics Canada etc).

2. the study is demonstrably of use to Australia. Some examples of work meeting this criteria might include: producing international comparisons in an area of topical interest; an overseas organisation undertaking policy relevant work on behalf of Australia; methodological work that leads to improved data collection practices and methods in Australia; and research likely to result in Australia reviewing policy.

The ABS cannot guarantee that a CURF application from an overseas applicant will be approved. Release of CURFs to any organisation, Australian or otherwise, is always at the discretion of the Australian Statistician.

A list of National Statistical Offices can be accessed at