Frequently Asked Questions - Obligations, Liabilities and Penalties - Can I share statistical output from a CURF?

Tables or other aggregated output (for example, averages, model parameters) released as 'general output' via the Remote Access Data Laboratory (RADL) or developed as output by users of CD-ROM CURFs may be disclosed or disseminated by the user.

Certain output from RADL may be labelled as 'Keep Secure'. This classification requires that the output be treated as highly confidential at all times. 'Keep Secure' output includes any printouts of unit record information, as well as analytical output that has been designated as 'Keep Secure'.

RADL 'Keep Secure' output cannot be shared between users who do not have access to the source CURF, nor with users in other organisations whether or not they do have access to the CURF. Such output may be used in further analysis, but cannot be published.

All Analytical results labelled as 'Keep Secure', whether they include unit information or not, must be stored in a secure environment. All such printouts should be kept under lock and key, and electronic output must be stored in password protected systems.

RADL 'Keep Secure' printouts must be securely destroyed (ie shredded) when no longer needed, and analytical output (whether or not it includes unit record information) held in an intranet must be deleted. Deletion must happen in such a way that recovery is not possible by unauthorised people.