Frequently Asked Questions - Applying for CURFs - What is meant by 'Statistical Purpose' on the application forms?

Clause 7 of the Statistics Determination 1983 allows the Australian Statistician to disclose microdata, in this case a CURF, in a manner not likely to enable the identification of the person or organisation to which the record relates and for statistical purposes only. The Statistics Determination requires that CURF information will be used only for statistical purposes.

Put simply, it is a legal requirement that applicants for CURF access supply a statistical purpose for their use of a CURF.

What is meant by statistical purpose?

The statement of statistical purpose need not be lengthy but should show that there is a clear objective to the analysis and demonstrate that access to the CURF is essential to be able to undertake that analysis. Statements such as 'academic research' or 'policy research' without further detail are not in themselves adequate descriptions of statistical purpose, and will not be approved by the ABS.

You must not match, reweight, link, merge, augment or any similar references unit files. Identifying individual records to produce very fine tabulations is also not permitted.

Examples of suitable statistical purposes include:

  • estimation of population characteristics to provide indicators of financial literacy of Australian households
  • statistical modelling of predictors and correlates of employment and work performance among those with carer responsibilities compared to persons without these responsibilities
  • use of data as input to mathematical models to enable analysis of impacts of potential policy changes in the area of health insurance
  • study the relationship between disability and labour market outcomes to target future employment programmes
ABS reserves the right to seek more information from applicants if it is not able to readily determine whether an application should be approved as supplied.

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