Frequently Asked Questions - About CURFs - How long will I have access to a CURF?

ABS requires that both an individual and their organisation be approved to access each CURF. For more information about applying for CURFs, see How to Apply for Microdata.

Organisations can subscribe to Expanded CURFs (in data series) for up to 12 months, from July to the following June. Before the end of the subscription year, the ABS will contact each organisation to determine the data series subscriptions for the following year. For more information about subscriptions, see Microdata prices.

Basic CURFs are provided on CD-ROM and can be retained as long as there are approved users within the organisation.

Basic or Expanded CURF access is purchased at the organisational level. This means that each organisation is only charged once (per data series for Expanded CURFs or per dataset for Basic CURFs), regardless of the number of individual users within the organisation approved to use it.

Approval for CURFs may be withdrawn by the ABS, for example, as the result of a breach of ABS terms and conditions of CURF access. For more information about your obligations when using CURFs, see the User Manual: Responsible Use of ABS CURFs.