Frequently Asked Questions - About CURFs - For what type of research can a CURF be used?

CURFs are used to undertake data manipulations requiring individual unit record data reflecting the diversity within a population. Some typical applications include production of papers, journal articles, books, PhD theses, microsimulation, modelling and conducting detailed analyses.

Data contained in a CURF is also used for producing detailed tabulations requiring data in a disaggregated form.

CURFs are an invaluable source of information for 'high-end' researchers and statisticians investigating a wide range of social or labour related topics. Our web page Published Research Using CURF Microdata provides many examples of what is possible.

Each ABS CURF has associated with it a technical manual or user guide which includes information on its microdata content, technical details and conditions of use.

Use of microdata is subject to a range of restrictions to ensure the confidentiality of survey respondents. See the User Manual: Responsible Use of ABS CURFs for clear instruction on these restrictions.