Frequently Asked Questions - Obligations, Liabilities and Penalties - What is a RADL audit and will I be involved?

Audits of jobs submitted to RADL are conducted throughout the year by the ABS. The purpose of these audits is to identify confidentiality issues within users' code, log or output files. These issues may arise through users failing to follow, accidentally or otherwise, restrictions or rules for using RADL.

For each job that is audited, the code, log and output files are manually inspected by ABS staff. If a confidentiality issue is identified, the user in question will be notified by email. Users are required to cooperate with any ABS audit directions in respect to their code and output.

Further information on restrictions and rules for RADL use can be found in the User Manual: ABS Remote Access Data Laboratory (RADL) (cat. no. 1406.0.55.002).

It is also a requirement that individual users comply with requirements specified in the User Manual: Responsible Use of ABS CURFs (cat. no. 1406.0.55.003).