Frequently Asked Questions - Obligations, Liabilities and Penalties - What is a Compliance Audit?

CURF microdata Users should be aware that their organisation's Responsible Officer has signed an Undertaking specifying that ABS officers or their nominated representatives are allowed access to all necessary documents and information for the purposes of conducting a compliance audit concerning the observance of the terms and conditions under which information is disclosed by ABS.

This audit is undertaken periodically by the ABS with a number of organisations audited on each occasion. The auditors will visit to discuss the organisation's internal arrangements for managing access to CURFs. As part of the visit the auditor will speak with CURF users about their understanding of the ABS conditions for CURF usage. The visit is also an opportunity for users to provide feedback to the ABS and to make suggestions for improvements to CURF data or associated procedures.

The audit does not generally involve checking data files or an organisation's IT systems.