Frequently Asked Questions - Applying for CURFs - Who can qualify as a Responsible Officer?

ABS legislation requires that the Responsible Officer for an organisation must submit an Undertaking before CURF access can be granted by ABS.

The Responsible Officer is that person legally accountable for use of CURFs by their organisation. The Responsible Officer must be the CEO or equivalent for the organisation.

Who can be a Responsible Officer:

  • for universities: a Vice-Chancellor, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Pro Vice-Chancellor or University Registrar
  • for government departments: Statutory Head, Secretary of Department, Head of Agency or equivalent, as agreed with the ABS
  • for private sector organisations: a person who has the same legal responsibility for the actions of the entity as a Departmental Secretary does for a government department. This will usually be someone with the status of CEO, Company Secretary or Managing Director.

If your organisation's Responsible Officer is no longer current, you must complete a new CURF Undertaking and send the original to the ABS.

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