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1996 Census of Population and Housing - Community Profiles


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Two of the summary tables from the 1996 Census Basic Community Profile series are now available free of charge, for areas ranging from Statistical Local Areas to total Australia. Data for these areas can be easily located using two simple methods:

By clicking on maps
If you know the location of an area of interest, the you can locate this area just by clicking on a series of maps, then have the data displayed.

The first map you see is a map of Australia - click on a state or territory to see a more detailed map of that area. The map will zoom in on a more detailed area. Continue until you have the area of interest located, then the data will be displayed.

If you have images switched off in your browser, the names of areas on each map are displayed under the map image, so you can simply click on the names instead of the map. Alternatively you can use the search engine.

By using the area search engine
Simply type in the name of an area of interest and go directly to the data.

Help buttons at the bottom of each screen help you to understand the census geography and data.

Detailed maps of Statistical Local Areas areas are available from the ABS.

The complete 1996 Census Community Profile series contains key Census data for all geographic areas, from
Collection Districts to total Australia, presenting the detailed Census data for small areas into sets of tables containing
characteristics of people, families and dwellings. There are six standard profiles in the series:

These more detailed tables are available from the ABS in the following formats:
For further information about 1996 Census products contact the ABS at

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