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Census Update

Hide details for Census Update 41 - Mar 2007Census Update 41 - Mar 2007
Census Update 41 - PDF Version
From The DPC
Information Sessions
New 2006 Census Web Products
Web Developments
Census is a Surf Life Saver - a case study
No Child left Excluded - a SEIFA case study
Sun, sand, surf, ice and Year Books
NSW TAFE library picks up an award
Hide details for Census Update 40 - Oct 2006Census Update 40 - Oct 2006
Census Update 40 - pdf version
Thank you Australia
Census Field Operations a Success
eCensus - a net gain in form processing efficiency
eCensus in Antarctica
The importance of being Ernie
Census User Information Sessions
Census users flock to conference
PES provides indispensable information
Towards 2011, the Next Census
ASGC 2006 released
Where are the disadvantaged? SEIFA investigates
Hide details for Census Update 39 - Jul 2006Census Update 39 - Jul 2006
Census Analysis Conference
Your Views
2006 Census is Coming
Census Corner - New Census, New Look
We all count
Census Tram
Census Update 39 - pdf version
Census Dictionary
Time Capsule
A taste of what's to come
New look web page
Library Extension Program
Hide details for Census Update 38 - Apr 2006Census Update 38 - Apr 2006
Census Update 38 - pdf version
Census Corner - Census Recruitment
Year Book Australia 2006
How Australia take a Census
Engaging Ethnic Communities
Price reduction on Census 2001 CD-ROM Products
Taking stock before the national stocktake
Managing Confidentiality and Learning about SEIFA
Hide details for Census Update 37 - Dec 2005Census Update 37 - Dec 2005
Census Update 37 - pdf version
Census Corner
100 Years and still counting
ABS data freely available
2006 Census Form revealed
The Classified Section
The Census - not too cool for school
CMUs reach consensus
Engaging individuals
Online products - in this Space
RADL performs the Italian Job
Hide details for Census Update 36 - Aug 2005Census Update 36 - Aug 2005
Census Update 36 - pdf version
Census Corner
Your Views Count
Census Dress Rehearsal a success
Data Processing Centre moves house
Accessing Census data just got easier
Census Data Enhancement
Pubs free to good home
An NDN Summer for Statisticians
Mesh Block Launch
The ABS's Role in Australian Democracy
Top Shelf Librarians Recognised
Hide details for Census Update 35 - May 2005Census Update 35 - May 2005
Census Update 35 - pdf version
Census Corner
East Timor completes first Census
ABS awards contract for 2006 Census call centre
IBM online for eCensus
Enhancing the National Population Census
Census collectors have a bone to pick with pesky dogs
Australia hosts ISI Conference
Final release of CLIB 2001
100 Years and counting
Year Book Australia
Hide details for Census Update 34 - January 2005Census Update 34 - January 2005
Census Update 34 - PDF Version
Census Corner
Census Test a Success
2006 Census Output Strategy
Homeless Enumeration
Perspectives on Regional Australia
Putting Faith in the Facts and Figures
Human Capital
Confidentialised Unit Record Files
A New Look for the Census Webpages
Historical Digital Boundaries
Changes to ABS Pricing
Hide details for Census Update 33 - July 2004Census Update 33 - July 2004
Census Update 33 - pdf version
Census Corner
Major Test
Indigenous Communities
User Consultation
ASGC - Towards 2006
Mesh Blocks
Census Maps
Rural and Regional Social Atlas
Measures of Australia's Progress
National Regional Profiles
Classifications and ANZSIC
Hide details for Census Update 32 - March 2004Census Update 32 - March 2004
Census Update 32 - pdf version
Census Corner
20 Million Australians
How We've Changed
ACAP Publications
Census for Schools
Employment in Sport
Employment in Culture
Australia's Youth
Online Access to Census Data
Census Consultancies
Antarctic Bases
SEIFA Technical Paper
Hide details for Census Update 31 - November 2003Census Update 31 - November 2003
Census Update 31 - pdf version
Census Corner
Australia in Profile
Population Characteristics, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians
Population Growth and Distribution
SEIFA Case Studies
Testing the Census
Correction of Prison Data for Queensland
The Census Guide
Directory of Census Statistics
Australian Census Analytic Program (ACAP)
CLIB - The census @ your library
Undercount explained
Hide details for Census Update 30 - July 2003Census Update 30 - July 2003
Census Update 30 - pdf version
Census Corner
Census papers - helping you understand the data
Your Census data - supplied your way
Expanded Community Profile
Get More Out of CDATA 2001 - with Add-On Datapacks
CDATA Second Release - Now available!
Household Sample File - the statistical researchers' best friend!
The 2006 Census - Your chance to have a say
Ageing in Australia (cat. no. 2048.0)
Using Census Data For Strategic Planning
Another first for the 2001 Census
Hide details for Census Update 29 - March 2003Census Update 29 - March 2003
Census Update 29 - pdf version
Census Corner
Census Update available on the ABS web site
CLIB 2001 - Release 2
Time Series Profile now available
Update on SEIFA Review
Early release of Usual Residents Profile
The Census Publishing Unit
Selected Education and Labour Force Characteristics
Selected Characteristics for Urban Centres and Localities
CDATA 2001 - 2nd Release is coming soon
Explore your city now
New Social Atlas
Hide details for Census Update 28 - December 2002Census Update 28 - December 2002
Census Update 28 - pdf version
Census Corner
Social Atlas Series
Second Release Census Data
2001 Census data on Indigenous Australians
Second Release of 2001 Census data
Supporting CDATA 2001
Planning ahead with Census Data
Census counts and Estimated Resident Population explained!
Census Household Sample File
2001 Census Selected Characteristics publications available soon
Digital Boundaries
Hide details for Census Update 27 - October 2002Census Update 27 - October 2002
Census Update 27 - pdf version
Census Corner
Access to Second Release 2001 Census Data
Selected Social and Housing Characteristics and Journey to Work
Social Atlases - A bird's eye view of your capital city
Releasing the power of CDATA
CLIB 2001 - Census@Library
2001 Census Papers
ACAP - Research projects awarded
Planning is underway for the 2006 Census
Socio-Economic Indexes - review underway
Hide details for Census Update 26 - August 2002Census Update 26 - August 2002
Census Update 26 - pdf version
Census Corner
First 2001 Census publication released
Release 2 of The Census Guide - Out now
Basic Community Profiles and Snapshots - The best start to your use of Census data
Census data on Indigenous Australians
CDATA 2001 - Your census at work coming soon
2001 Centenary of Federation - Time Capsule Information
Making The Most of Your Census
Hide details for Census Update 25 - April 2002Census Update 25 - April 2002
The DPC - Efficiency in processing
Orders for customised tables are still being taken
Census Data Launch Brought Forward To June 2002
2001 Directory Of Census Statistics out now!
The data release countdown has begun...
Post Enumeration Survey
CDATA 2001 - Your Census at Work
e-commerce has begun!
Census Data and Technical Services - Your Census Data "Link"
Year Book Australia 2002 out now!
Hide details for Census Update 24 - November 2001Census Update 24 - November 2001
2001 Census Field Operations a success!
The 2001 Census - The PR Wrap Up
New Digital Boundaries - coming soon
Mapping the Census - Census maps coming soon
ABS and MapInfo working together on CDATA 2001
Preparing the 2001 Census Community Profile Series
Census Working Papers
2001 Census Customised Tables - Advance Order Service - Closing Soon
The Census Guide - essential Census reference tool
Census at work in a South Australian school
Keeping up with Australia's Social Trends
Hide details for Census Update 23 - July 2001Census Update 23 - July 2001
We’re Ready for the 2001 Census
The Census Comes to You
Counting All Australians
Answers to frequently asked questions about the census!
The life of a census collector is never dull!
Thinking of using 2001 Census data in your future projects?
Guiding users through the Census
2001 Directory of Census Statistics
All 2001 Census Community Profile templates available now on the web!
Launch of the CDATA User Group
Join the Census e-mail alert list
Proposed release dates for 2001
Hide details for Census Update 22 - April 2001Census Update 22 - April 2001
Join the Census e-mail alert list
CDATA 2001 & the CDATA User Group
CDATA96 and Add-On Datapaks - now even better value!
Advance Order Service Offered Again for Census 2001
2001 Census Dictionary
Final Results From the User Consultations
Release of 2001 census templates for the Community Profile Series
Australia is moving two hundred and fifty metres to the north east
Australian Census Analytic Program - the next step!
Centenary Yearbook Australia 2001
"How remote is remote?"
A Tale of Two Worlds
Proposed release dates for 2001
Hide details for Census Update 21 - November 2000Census Update 21 - November 2000
Finalising the 2001 Census Product Suite
CLIB2001 - Planning community access to census data through libraries
CDATA96 & Mapinfo show the way for the Olympic torch relay
Proposed Release Dates for 2001 Census Products and Services
Outcomes of Census "Dress Rehearsal"
Census e-mail alert list
Getting maximum value out of CDATA - join the CDATA User Group
The how and why of the Census
Hide details for Census Update 20 - July 2000Census Update 20 - July 2000
Final consultations starting soon
Countdown to the Main Event
Retention of 2001 Census Forms
New image for the 2001 Census!
GST and the ABS
SEIFA - Profiling The Population
Dress Rehearsal in the Field
Statistics in your Local Library!
2001 Census Data - the untold stories
Hide details for Census Update 19 - March 2000Census Update 19 - March 2000
Australians Can Choose To Have Census Data Released in 100 Years
Counting the Homeless
A snapshot of our Olympic city - Sydney... A Social Atlas
Census Data for our Schools
ABS Helping Papua New Guinea with its Census
CDATA 'Hints and Tips' on the ABS web site
Year Book Australia 2000
Your views are being considered!
Proposed CDATA 2001 products
The Thematic Profile - commonly asked questions
Proposed Release Dates for 2001 Census Products and Services
Released Census Information
2001 Census Major Test
2001 Census of Population and Housing: Nature and Content
Hide details for Census Update 18 - September 1999Census Update 18 - September 1999
Welcome to the last issue for 1999
Census taking in Central Asia
Using CLIB96 in Queensland's Public Libraries
Socio-Economic Indexes for Areas 96 - Your Questions Answered
Soon to be released: New Census Working Papers
Historical Publications on CD-ROM Now Available
How is the Australian population counted?
Making Data Real For Our Students
2001 Census - User Consultation
Using the Census to help Regional Victoria
For Richer, For Poorer
Hide details for Census Update 17 - April 1999Census Update 17 - April 1999
SEIFA education case study
New Indigenous Geographical Classification now available
What's in a Basic Community Profile?
1996 Census User Consultation
CDATA96 Case Study - NSW Attorney General's Department
Three Ways to get our Guide to ABS Products and Services
New Census Working Papers
Hide details for Census Update 16 - November 1998Census Update 16 - November 1998
From the Editor
Socio-Economic Indexes for Areas 96 - now available!
Better schooling with Socio-Economic Indexes for Areas
Profiling Forest Communities
Enhance your use of CDATA96 with... Add-On Datapaks
CDATA96 Case Study - Department of Urban Affairs and Planning
Need More Detailed CDATA96 Maps?
Who uses CLIB96 and for what purposes?
CDATA96 Training
CDATA96 Hints and Tips
Census KeyData Final Release - Out Now!
Suburb planning with the census
Planning for the Future with Population Changes
Census 2001 Geography
Australia in Profile: a Regional Analysis
Released Census Information
Who to Contact
Hide details for Census Update 15 - August 1998Census Update 15 - August 1998
From the Editor
Understanding your community - the key to planning
Coffs Harbour uses ABS information in Strategic Planning
Enhance and extend CDATA96... with Add-On Datapaks
Community Profiles - more detailed and comprehensive data
Socio-Economic Indexes for Areas 96
Social Atlas series
ABS ON THE NET...Your link between Data and Decisions
Australian Social Trends 1998
Helping schools to access the latest in census information
Making the most of your Census with Consultancy Services
Australia's Indigenous Population
Understanding Census data - 3 new Fact Sheets released
Work on 2001 Census is underway
Census Household Sample File
Population Growth and Distribution
Released Census Information
Who to Contact
Hide details for Census Update 14 - April 1998Census Update 14 - April 1998
From the Editor
Family and Labour Force Data
Social Atlas Series - Your Capital City at a Glance!
Get more out of CDATA96..
Make Informed Decisions Faster
What do you think?
Providing More In-Depth Information
Consultancy Services
Household Characteristics
Census Characteristics Publications
Census KeyData Release 2 Available
1996 Census Undercount
Understand the Data with Census Fact Sheets
Census Data as Close as Your Local Library
Census on the Net
Released Census Information
Who to Contact

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