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Newsletters - National Centre for Culture and Recreation Statistics (NCCRS) - March Quarter 1999

This newsletter summarises the activities of the ABS in relation to culture and recreation statistics. Much of the work program of the National Centre for Culture and Recreation Statistics (NCCRS) is developed in conjunction with the Cultural Ministers Council Statistics Working Group (CMC SWG), and the Recreation and Sport Industry Statistics Group (RSISG) of the Sport and Recreation Ministers Council (SRMC).

1. Publications released January to March 1999

i) Business Sponsorship, 1996-97, ABS Cat. no. 4144.0 ($15.00), was released on 13 January. It contains summary details on the amount of corporate sponsorship provided to sport and culture, and benefits received from sponsoring. The survey was jointly funded by the Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts (DoCITA) and SRMC.

  • DATA HIGHLIGHT - In 1996-97, businesses provided $467m of sponsorship. Of this, $282m went to sport, $29m to art and cultural activities, $37m to education, $50m to trade shows and conferences, and $68m for other activities.

ii) Use of the Internet by Householders, November 1998, ABS Cat. no. 8147.0 ($16.00), was released on 1 March and contains information on individual and household access to the internet at home, work and other sites. The publication is part of an ongoing series which began in February 1998.
  • DATA HIGHLIGHT - At Novmber 1998 an estimated 18.6% of all households had home internet access. More than 4 million adults accessed the internet in the previous 12 months.

2. Reports due out soon

i) Museums, Australia, 1999, ABS Cat. no. 4145.0, will contain a range of economic data (e.g. income and expenditure), as well as activity data such as conservation of objects, and exhibitions undertaken. The publication will be released shortly.

ii) Time Use on Culture and Recreation Activities, 1997, ABS Cat. no. 4173.0, will contain details extracted from the ABS Time Use Survey on culture and recreation activities. This is a brochure which is scheduled for release on 12 April.

iii) Book Publishers, Australia, 1997-98, ABS Cat. no. 1363.0 will contain financial and employment data from book publishers. The publication, due for release in April, will also include information on the number of books published and sold. A more detailed DoCITA publication is expected shortly.

iv) Business Sponsorship, 1996-97, the NCCRS is currently preparing reports for DoCITA and SRMC which provide detailed analyses of corporate sponsorship of cultural and sporting activities. The reports highlight information on sponsorship by industry type, business size and the types of activities sponsored.

v) Household use of Information Technology, Australia, is expected to be released in April and will provide a range of data on use of IT equipment, reasons for use and children's use of computers. The publication is based on information collected throughout 1998.

vi) Business Use of Information Technology, Australia, should be released in late April. It will provide broad level data on the use of selected IT in businesses. A more detailed publication on this topic is expected to be available in October 1999.

3. Australian Culture and Recreation Statistics Framework

The project to review both the Framework for Cultural Statistics and the Framework for Sport and Recreation Statistics to develop one comprehensive framework is well underway. The output will include a revised classification of businesses based on organisations which form the Culture and Recreation Sector and a list of the key data requirements for each sub-sector. Classifications on creators, participants, products and consumers are also proposed. A number of industry consultations have occurred and further consultations are planned during 1999.

4. Other

i) The ABS is undertaking a review of its Household Survey Program. A number of submissions were received from users, and as an initial response, the ABS has prepared a Working Paper on Future Directions for ABS Household Surveys.

ii) The ABS is seeking input from interested Government departments and agencies regarding the content of the 1999-2000 to 2002-03 Service Industries Survey (SIS) program. The purpose of the collections is to provide information on the size, structure and nature of selected industries.

iii) The survey of Work in Selected Culture/Leisure Activities is being conducted as part of the ABS Population Survey Monitor over 4 quarters, and commenced in November 1998. The survey is being funded by CMC and results are expected to be released before Christmas.

iv) The survey of Attendance at Selected Culture/Leisure Venues is being conducted by the ABS in April 1999. The survey was previously conducted in 1991 and 1995. Results from the 1999 survey are expected to be released in December this year.

v) NCCRS has commenced work investigating culture and recreation data sources from a selection of other countries.

5. Staffing

Since the formation of NCCRS in September 1991, Roger Mableson has been the manager of the workgroup. As with all good things, the end has come and Roger has moved to another area of the office. While welcoming Theo Neumann to the challenges of the NCCRS, it is also appropriate to wish Roger the best in the future and to thank him for his contribution in the past.

For further details on culture topics please contact Chris Giddings on 08 8237 7326, and for sport topics, Glenn Hamlyn on 08 8237 7402. If unavailable, either Barry Haydon, Director, NCCRS (08 8237 7301) or Theo Neumann, Manager, (08 8237 7449) can help. Alternatively, please write to the NCCRS at GPO Box 2272, Adelaide SA 5001, fax on 08 8237 7421 or email to

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