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Newsletters - National Centre for Culture and Recreation Statistics (NCCRS) - December Quarter 1999


This newsletter summarises the activities of the ABS in relation to culture and recreation statistics. Much of the work program of the National Centre for Culture and Recreation Statistics (NCCRS) is developed in conjunction with the Cultural Ministers Council Statistics Working Group (CMC SWG), and the Recreation and Sport Industry Statistics Group (RSISG) of the Sport and Recreation Ministers Council (SRMC).

1. Publications released October to December 1999

i) Participation in Sport and Physical Activities, Australia, 1998-99, ABS Cat. no. 4177.0, was released on 17 November. It presents data collected via the Population Survey Monitor on a range of sport and physical activities undertaken in the 12 months prior to interview . It contains details on the number and characteristics of people who participate in these activities at the national and state level, by age, sex, and frequency of participation. Changes in organised participation since 1996-97 are also shown.

** DATA HIGHLIGHT - About three-fifths (59.4%) of all adult Australians participated in a sport or physical activity at least once during the year, whether organised by a club or association or not. Organised participation has increased by almost four percentage points since 1996-97.

ii) Attendance at Selected Cultural Venues, Australia, April 1999, ABS Cat. no. 4114.0, was released on 13 December. It contains details on frequency of visits and characteristics of people who attend a range of cultural venues including libraries, museums, various categories of music and performing arts performances, cinemas, botanic gardens and animal parks.

** DATA HIGHLIGHT - During the 12 months ending April 1999, 85% of the Australian population aged 15 years and over attended at least one of the cultural venues/activities surveyed.

iii) Sports Attendance, Australia, April 1999, ABS Cat. no. 4174.0, was released on 20 December. It contains details on the characteristics of people who attend and their frequency of attendance at various sports.

** DATA HIGHLIGHT - 47.1% of Australians aged 15 years and over attended sporting matches or competitions during the 12 months ended April 1999, with Aussie Rules clearly being the most popular.

iv) The CMC SWG publication, Cultural Funding in Australia - Three Tiers of Government 1997-1998, provides State/Territory breakdowns of public funding, recurrent and capital expenditure and funding per head of population by each category of cultural activity.

** DATA HIGHLIGHT - Total government funding for culture was $3,531.0m in 1997-98, an increase of $83.5m (2.4%) from 1996-97. Commonwealth government funding accounted for 35.5% of the total funding, State and Territory government 42.6%, and local government 22.0%.

2. Reports due out soon

The ABS publication, Work in Selected Culture/Leisure Activities, Australia (Cat. no. 6281.0) presents data on the number of people working in selected culture/leisure activities, classified by type of activity. It provides details on the characteristics of people involved, the nature of that work, whether paid or unpaid, and details of other jobs held. It is expected to be released in March.

3. Australian Culture/Leisure Statistics Framework

The project to develop one comprehensive framework of culture and leisure statistics is nearing completion and is expected to be available by July 2000. The Framework will become the basis for the collection of any culture/leisure data in the future both by the ABS and non ABS organisations. The proposed framework includes three separate classifications covering industry, participants and products. For further detail please contact Sue Gredley on (08) 8237 7403.

4. Other

i) The ABS will conduct a household survey in April 2000 on children's participation in culture and leisure activities. Data from the survey is expected to be available in late 2000.

ii) The NCCRS is in the process of producing the sixth edition of the publication 'The Arts: Some Australian Data'. This publication is being prepared for the Australia Council.

For further details on culture topics please contact Chris Giddings on 08 8237 7326, and for sport topics, Heather Latz on 08 8237 7402. If unavailable, either Director, NCCRS (08 8237 7301) (Barry Haydon until 4 February and then Adriana VandenHeuvel) or Theo Neumann, Manager, (08 8237 7449) can help. Alternatively, please write to the NCCRS at GPO Box 2272, Adelaide SA 5001, fax on 08 8237 7421 or email to A copy of this and previous newsletters can be found on the ABS web site:

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