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Newsletters - National Centre for Culture and Recreation Statistics (NCCRS) - March Quarter 2000

March 2000

This newsletter summarises the activities of the ABS in relation to culture and recreation statistics. Much of the work program of the National Centre for Culture and Recreation Statistics (NCCRS) is developed in conjunction with the Cultural Ministers Council Statistics Working Group (CMC SWG), and the Recreation and Sport Industry Statistics Group (RSISG) of the Sport and Recreation Ministers Council (SRMC).


Work in Selected Culture/Leisure Activities, Australia, 1998-99, ABS 6281.0 ($18.50) was released on 15 March. The publication presents information on the number and demographic characteristics of persons working in selected culture and leisure activities. Details include the types of activities undertaken, the time spent on the activities and whether payment was received for any involvement. The data relates to people's work in these activities in the 12 months prior to their interview (which occurred between November 1998 and August 1999).

DATA HIGHLIGHTS - 1.3 million adult Australians (9.4% of the Australian population aged 18 years or over) worked for pay in one or more culture and leisure activities during 1998/99. In addition, 2.2 million people (16.3% of adults) worked in such activities without receiving payment.The most common activities were writing, organising festivals, design, organising fetes, teaching cultural activities and photography.

Use of the Internet by Householders, Australia, November 1999
, ABS Cat. no. 8147.0 ($16.00) was released on 1 March. It contains information on individual and household access to the internet at home, work and other locations. The publication also presents statistics on electronic commerce activities of adults.
DATA HIGHLIGHTS - In November 1999, 25.1% of households (1.7 million) had home access to the internet. An estimated 6.0 million people (44.0% of the adult population) had accessed the internet in the 12 months prior to November 1999.


Australia's Culture No.9 -Attendance at Selected Cultural Venues - April 1999
is a brochure which contains details from the national supplement to the April 1999 Monthly Labour Force Survey. The brochure provides attendance figures for a range of cultural venues, as well as an indication of the total number of visits to these venues.

Use of the Internet by Householders, Australia, February 2000, ABS Cat. no. 8147.0 ($16.00) will be released in late May. The publication updates data released on this topic in early March.

Household Use of Information Technology, Australia, 1999
, ABS Cat. no. 8146.0 will be released in May. The publication includes details on the number of households with a computer and with internet access. Data on the use of other information technology is also provided.


The project to develop three classifications -- covering industries, occupations and products -- for culture and leisure statistics and combine them in a single publication is nearing completion with a planned release date in September 2000. It is expected that the classifications will become the basis for the collection of any culture and leisure data in the future both by the ABS and non- ABS organisations.


In April 2000 the ABS will conduct a survey on children's participation in culture and leisure activities. The survey, which targets children aged 5 to 14 years, will request details of sports undertaken outside of school hours particularly where they have been organised by schools, clubs or associations. Details will also be sought on children's involvement in other activities such as learning a musical instrument or taking singing or dancing lessons and their use of information technology.

A questionnaire is currently being developed for the supplement to the April 2001 Monthly Population Survey which will capture information on people's involvement in culture and leisure activities. In particular, the survey will determine the number of people undertaking paid and unpaid work in organised sport, organised recreational physical activities and selected cultural activities in the 12 months prior to being interviewed. Data from this survey is expected to be available in November 2001.

Questionnaires are currently being finalised for the 1999-2000 Service Industries Surveys (SIS) program. The surveys will collect information on the size, structure and nature of a number of cultural industries including libraries, museums, festivals, performing arts venues and commercial art galleries. Data from the surveys are expected to become available progressively between May and September 2001.

From mid 2001 onwards, the 2000-2001 SIS program will collect data from sport and recreation industries. At this stage initial planning had been undertaken, and it is expected that over the next 12 months extensive industry consultation will occur.

The NCCRS is currently developing a questionnaire for a survey of book publishers to be conducted from September 2000 (with data available in early 2001). The survey will collect 1999-2000 data on the number of businesses, the value and volume of sales, expenditure and employment in the book publishing industry.

Information on financial support by governments to the cultural sector is currently being collected and processed by the NCCRS. Details of expenditure by Commonwealth, state and local governments for the financial year 1998-99 are expected to be published by the ABS around July 2000. A more detailed publication is being prepared for the Cultural Ministers Council Statistics Working Group.

Work is continuing on updating the National Sport and Recreation Industry Database and Directory (NSRIDD). The latest CD ROM was released in March.


In February, Dr Adriana Vanden Heuvel became the new Director of NCCRS. Adriana joins the ABS after several years working for the National Institute of Labour Studies (at Flinders University) and a number of other public and private sector organisations both in Australia and overseas. While welcoming Adriana, we also farewell Barry Haydon who was instrumental in establishing the NCCRS in 1991. We thank him for his efforts over the years in developing the NCCRS into a nationally recognised centre of expertise and statistical leadership in the areas of culture, sport and recreation.

For further details on culture topics please contact Chris Giddings on 08 8237 7326, and for sport topics, Nigel Williams on 08 8237 7404. Alternatively, please write to the NCCRS at GPO Box 2272, Adelaide SA 5001, fax on 08 8237 7366 or email to A copy of this and previous newsletters can be found on the ABS web site:

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