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Newsletters - CURF News - September 2006


Seeking CURF User Feedback
New CURF Undertakings for access to CURFs
CURFs expected to be released in September and beyond
CURF Annual Renewal requirements
RADL issues to be aware of
CURF Contacts

Seeking CURF User Feedback

The CURF Management Unit is seeking your feedback on the access to and use of ABS CURF data. This will enable us to understand issues for the improvement of ABS CURF microdata services to you. Please take the time to give us your comments to enable us to help you further in the future.

A word attachment was recently provided to all CURF Contact Officers and CURF Individual Users to provide this feedback - if you have been missed please email <>

New CURF Undertakings for access to CURFs

New Responsible Officer, Individual Officer and Consultant Applications/Undertakings to apply for access to CURFs were published on the web in July.

A notification email was sent to all Responsible Officers, Contact Officers and Individual Users highlighting the changes and benefits and providing a link to the forms.

The "grace period” when old versions of the form are still being accepted has now ended, and your assistance would be appreciated in ensuring that only the new versions of the form are provided from now on.

New Application/Undertakings appear in the
Current CURF Application Forms and Undertakings section, and on the Frequently Asked Questions page at How Do I Apply for a CURF. Client comments on the new forms are being addressed and you will be advised of any further developments.

CURFs expected to be released in September and beyond

CURF users are reminded that the ABS regularly updates the List of CURFs expected to be released on the ABS web site.

For information on all new and existing CURFs available refer to List of Available CURFs.

Annual CURF Renewal requirements

The CURF Annual Renewal is a mandatory requirement for access to CURFs. Individual Users need to be aware that they need to provide an annual report on outcomes of their CURF use including ongoing work and published journal articles, papers, conference submissions, etc.

When details of final outputs are available, the ABS compiles and publishes a list of Research Activities. This information also assists ABS subject-matter areas in planning future CURFs - please refer to the following section 2005 CURF Research Activities for more information.

If you need any assistance on the Renewal process please contact your Contact Officer or the CURF Management Unit - contact details appear at the end of this Newsletter.

RADL issues to be aware of

RADL SPSS users are advised that in developing SPSS for RADL the ABS followed the SPSS syntax guidelines that detail in the Syntax Rules "a period is required at the end of the last line to terminate the comment".

A number of Stata programming and analytical features have been prohibited in RADL, please check the RADL User Guide (page 10) for details. RADL development is currently underway to allow further Stata functionality.

CURF Contacts

For any questions please contact the CURF Management Unit <> (part of the Client Services Section, Information Management and Census Division).

The team is:

Carolyn Kennedy - Assistant Director (Unit Head)
Grant Mitchell - Assistant Director
Rebecca Sipeki - Project Officer
Bob Osten - Project Officer
Simone Maconachie - Administrative Officer
Michael Bassett - Administrative Officer
Urve Black - Administrative Officer

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