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Newsletters - CURF News - March 2006


Stata now available on RADL
UPCOMING CURF releases * New HIES CURF - what is it?
CURF Renewals - what do you need to do
CURF Management Unit (CMU) contact details

Stata now available on RADL
On Friday 31 March 2006 the ABS will have Stata software available via the ABS Remote Access Data Laboratory (RADL).

In response to strong client demand, the ABS has developed the expertise on Stata with the assistance of a number of researchers. Stata is a comprehensive software package for data management and statistical analysis. This significant advancement enables authorised clients to run data Stata queries against Basic and Expanded Confidentialised Unit Record Files (CURFs) to which they have approved access in the RADL.

A new revised RADL User Guide (cat. no. 1406.0.55.002) is now available as a PDF in RADL, on the ABS Website "Access to CURFs" pages and via the ABS web site catalogue. As well as the inclusion of all new Stata information, the User Guide has updated technical information on the RADL.

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UPCOMING CURF releases * New HIES CURF - what is it?
The new Household Expenditure Survey and Survey of Income and Housing 2003- 2004 (HIES) CURF is expected to be released in May 2006.

For the first time the Household Expenditure Survey (HES) and Survey of Income and Housing (SIH) 2003- 2004 will be available as a combined CURF. These surveys, which were previously conducted separately, have been integrated on a six year cycle from 2003-04. The SIH will run every second year (2005-06, 2007-08, 2009-10) with a HES component every third cycle (2009-10).

The individual files within the CURF will be structured to allow results for the separate HES and SIH sub-components to be produced with a minimum of effort while reducing the risk of error for users.

The cost of the combined CURF will be $8,420 for access to all versions including the Expanded data via the Remote Access Data Laboratory (RADL) and Basic data CD-ROM (also available via RADL). These CURFs are also available under the standard ABS/AVCC CURF arrangements for teaching and academic research purposes.

The Technical Paper released with the HIES CURF will provide additional information on the content of the data set. To find out how to apply for access to either the Basic or Expanded Household Expenditure Survey and Survey of Income and Housing 2003- 2004 (HIES) CURF go to Applying for CURFs step by step (.pdf).

For more information on new CURFs view the
List of CURFs expected to be released.

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CURF Renewals - what do you need to do

Thank you to the universities and organisations who have completed their Annual Renewals for 2005. The CURF Management Unit (CMU) are collating a list of Research Activities that have been completed using CURF data throughout the year. These research Activities will be available for viewing via the CURFs - Access to ABS CURFs under 2005 Research Activities on the ABS web site in May 2006.

The Annual Renewals for 2006 will begin in August 2006 for universities and organisations will cover the following 12 month period.

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CURF Management Unit (CMU) contact details.

The CMU are available to help you with any queries that cannot be answered from the 'Access to ABS CURFs' web pages. CMU staff also manage client access to the Remote Access Data Laboratory (RADL). Our staff include Carolyn Kennedy, Grant Mitchell, Simone Maconachie, Bob Osten, Rebecca Sipeki and Damien Kennedy.



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