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Newsletters - National Centre for Culture and Recreation Statistics (NCCRS) - December Quarter 1998

This newsletter summarises the activities of ABS in relation to culture and recreation statistics. Much of the work program of the National Centre for Culture and Recreation Statistics (NCCRS) is developed in conjunction with the Cultural Ministers Council Statistics Working Group (CMC SWG), and the Recreation and Sport Industry Statistics Group (RSISG) of the Sport and Recreation Ministers Council (SRMC).

1. Publications released September to December 1998

i) Performing Arts Industries, Australia, 1996-97, ABS Cat. no. 8697.0, ($16.00) was released on 9 October. It contains economic data on Music and Theatre Productions (by type of organisation), Performing Arts Venues and Services to the Arts.

  • DATA HIGHLIGHT - The 1,399 employing businesses in the performing arts industries employed 13,359 persons, accrued total income of $1,281million and had an industry gross product of $401 million in 1996-97.

ii) Radio and Television Services, Australia, 1996-97, ABS Cat. no. 8680.0, ($18.50) was released on 9 November. It contains economic data on the radio and television industry.
  • DATA HIGHLIGHT - The industry gross product was $343 million for private radio broadcasters, $776 million for private television broadcasters, and $395 million for public radio and television broadcasters during 1996-97.

iii) Film and Video Production and Distribution, Australia, 1996-97, ABS Cat. no. 8679.0 ($17.00) was released on 23 November. This publication contains information about the production and distribution industries.
  • DATA HIGHLIGHT - In 1996-97, the film and video production industry generated $1,129 million in total income, of which 60% was from commissioned works. Businesses in the distribution industry generated $974 million in total income.

iv) Casinos, Australia, 1997-98, ABS Cat. no. 8683.0 ($16.00) was released on 17 December, and contains information from a census of Australian casino businesses.
  • DATA HIGHLIGHT - At the end of June 1998, there were 13 casinos in Australia. These casino businesses employed a total of 20,531 persons and generated $2,710 million in income.

v) Employment in Sport and Recreation -it's not just a game, was released by the SA Office for Recreation and Sport in October. It contains information on sport and recreation and related employment in South Australia.
  • DATA HIGHLIGHT - A minimum of 20,000 South Australians are employed in the 'extended' sport and recreation sector.

vi) Cultural Funding in Australia, 1996-97, was released by the CMC SWG in November. It contains details on cultural funding by the three tiers of government.
  • DATA HIGHLIGHT - Total government funding was $3,450 million in 1996-97, an increase of $178 million from 1995-96. The major component was cultural facilities and services with $1,568 million.

vi) Household Use of Information Technology, Australia, 1998, ABS Cat. no. 8146.0 ($16.00) was released on 2 November. It contains details on households use of computers/internet in the home and outside the home from surveys conducted in February and May 1998.
  • DATA HIGHLIGHT - The proportion of households frequently using a computer increased from 30% in 1996 to 36% in 1998. There were 13.5% of households with Internet access in 1998.

2. Reports due out soon

i) Business Sponsorship, 1996-97, ABS Cat. no. 4144.0, will contain summary details on the amount of corporate sponsorship provided to sport and culture, and benefits received from sponsoring. Release date is 13 January. The survey was jointly funded by the Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts (DCITA) and SRMC and they will subsequently release more detailed reports for culture and sport respectively.

ii) Time Use on Culture and Recreation Activities, 1997, ABS Cat. no. 4173.0, will contain details extracted from the ABS Time Use Survey on culture and recreation activities. It is planned to produce this publication, scheduled for release in March, in a brochure format.

3. Museums Survey

The NCCRS is currently conducting a survey of non-employing museums which has been funded by DCITA. A range of economic data (e.g. income and expenditure) is being collected, as well as activity data such as conservation of objects, and exhibitions undertaken. The results of the survey are expected to be released in April 1999.

4. Australian Culture and Recreation Statistics Framework

A project is underway to review both the Framework for Cultural Statistics and the Framework for Sport and Recreation Statistics. The output is proposed to include a revised classification of sectors based on organisations which make up Culture and Recreation and a list of the key data requirements for each sub-sector. Classifications on creators, participants, products and consumers are also proposed. A number of industry consultations have occurred and further consultations are planned during 1999.

5. Education and Employment of Arts Workers

NCCRS has collected data from various sources on the numbers of people undertaking arts education and employment of arts workers. The report for CMC SWG has been finalised and will be submitted to the Standing Committee of CMC for consideration.

6. Other

i) The ABS is undertaking a review of its Household Survey Program. A number of submissions were received from users, and as an initial response, the ABS has prepared a Working Paper on Future Directions for ABS Household Surveys.

ii) Work is continuing on updating the National Sport and Recreation Industry Database and Directory (NSRIDD). The latest CD ROM, containing mainly national data, was released to RSISG members in December.

iii) The survey of Work in Selected Culture/Leisure Activities is being conducted as part of the ABS Population Survey Monitor over 4 quarters, and commenced in November. The survey is being funded by CMC.

iv) Questionnaires for the 1997-98 Book Publishers Survey, similar to previous studies undertaken in conjunction with DCITA and the Australian Publishers Association, were despatched in October.

v) A paper is being prepared for the NSW Department of Sport and Recreation on the Business of Sport in NSW. It will contain an analysis of key economic and social indicators on sport and recreation in NSW.

vi) NCCRS has reviewed a range of statistical reports concerning indigenous cultural activities for CMC SWG. A report will be prepared for CMC SWG consideration in early 1999.

vii) NCCRS has commenced work investigating culture and recreation data sources from overseas countries and would welcome contact with data providers in other countries.

For further details on culture topics please contact Chris Giddings on 08 8237 7326, and for sport topics, Glenn Hamlyn on 08 8237 7402. If unavailable, either Barry Haydon, Director, NCCRS (08 8237 7301) or Roger Mableson, Manager, (08 8237 7449) can help. Alternatively, please write to the NCCRS at GPO Box 2272, Adelaide SA 5001, or email to

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