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Newsletters - Library Extension Program - LEP Newsletter 54 - November 2005

LEP Newsletter, 54, November 2005

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LEP Newsletter, 54, November 2005

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The ABS is turning 100 Training news
EditorialNeed statistics about Tasmania?
NetNewsNew and forthcoming releases
Clarence TAFE wins LEP Excellence Award Shortcuts - Highlighting Shortcuts
Libraries shortlisted for Excellence Award

The ABS is turning 100 - National Statistics Day - 8 December 2005

National Statistics Day on December 8 coincides with ABS's official 100th birthday. The ABS and libraries have been celebrating the Centenary throughout the year. In the May LEP Newsletter Mount Isa City Library was featured with their celebrations - complete with their Centenary cake!

To celebrate our Centenary the ABS has released Informing the Nation: Evolution of the Australian Bureau of Statistics 1905 - 2005 (Cat. no 1382.0). Your library has received a complimentary copy of this special title. For a printed copy contact your LEP Coordinator.

Want to find out more about the ABS's history? Check out these articles:

  • "Building a national statistical agency" Year Book Australia 2005
  • "The development of official statistics in Australia and some possible future challenges" Year Book Australia 2001
  • "Australian Statisticians and the development of official statistics" Year Book Australia 1988
  • "A Brief History of Australia's National Statistical Office". To find this from the ABS home page select ABS History Project
As part of celebrating National Statistics Day we have included an ABS quiz with this Newsletter. Fill it in and you could win a special LEP coffee mug. The winners will be announced in the next LEP Newsletter.

This issue of the LEP Newsletter is our biggest ever. The LEP Excellence Award was won this year by the Clarence Campus Library of TAFE Tasmania. Such was the wealth of entries received that we decided to show you the short-listed libraries as well. Congratulations to all these libraries.

The inaugural LEP Excellence Award has coincided with the ABS Centenary year. Your library has been sent a copy of the beautifully produced ABS history title.

2005 has been a big year for ABS. The 2006 Census in August will make next year another big one. The LEP will be helping to keep libraries posted on the Census as it approaches.

Have a happy and safe Christmas, New Year and holiday season. Best wishes from the LEP team.

Kim Farley-Larmour
LEP National Manager

NetNews - CensusAtSchool makes statistics fun

Attention: Education Librarians and Children and Young Adult Librarians...

A great new ABS product called CensusAtSchool has just been released on the ABS Website. It's free and is available to all schools, teachers and students in Australia.

Aimed at school students from Years 5 to 12, the project is like a mini-census. It shows that statistics can be fun as well as educational.

CensusAtSchool will ask students to take part in an online questionnaire. It will consist of non-invasive questions and activities that are relevant and of interest to the students. The amount of time spent doing homework is one of the questions and one of the activities will measure reaction times.

After submitting their questionnaire and under the guidance of their teachers, students will be able to selectively tap into the gathered data. It can be used for analysis in many school subjects.

The project also provides online support material for students and teachers, including suggested activities and questionnaire help.

CensusAtSchool will be conducted in two phases, with a flexible timetable to suit the needs of schools and teachers. Phase One will commence on 30 January and run through until 7 July 2006.

To find out more about CensusAtSchool on the ABS Website read Census Update

If you would like to provide your feedback on the ABS Website or need more information please contact me at

Mano Georgopoulos
ABS Statistical Publishing Development

Clarence TAFE wins LEP Excellence Award

The 2005 LEP Excellence Award has been won by the Institute of TAFE Tasmania, Clarence Campus Library. The award was presented by the Australian Statistician, Dennis Trewin. Leanne Vincent, the Campus Librarian said she and her staff were thrilled to win and said it was unexpected. "We're a small library and we were competing against larger and more academic libraries" she said. "It is a real coup for us".

"Receiving this award has given us a renewed pride and a sense of achievement in reaching out to our customers with the ABS information they need to help them in their studies."

The shortlisted entries are shown on the next pages. For more information about the Award and to see Clarence TAFE's winning entry, visit the LEP Web pages and go to Library Extension Program. Entries for the 2006 Award close on 30 June 2006.
Clarence Campus Library is one of 9 TAFE Tasmania campus libraries. It serves a student population of around 1,800 TAFE students.

Dennis Trewin, Australian Statistician presenting LEP Excellence Award to Leanne Vincent of TAFE Tasmania #
Dennis Trewin, Australian Statistician presenting LEP Excellence Award to Leanne Vincent of TAFE Tasmania

What they presented ...
  • An 'ABS Feast' for Community Welfare Work students timed with the start of their social research assignments. The focus was on identifying ABS products to assist their research.
  • ABS information sessions provided in all classes for Certificate IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma students, including off-campus students attending a 2 day workshop. Focus on ABS products for specific courses.
  • Use of videos, networked wireless laptops and targeted handouts at training sessions.
  • An ABS display during Library and Information Week.
  • ABS information in 'Social Research in the Library' guide and 'Using Statistics in Social Research' student guide.
  • Strong supporting evidence to show the value of their initiatives, including student testimonials, loan statistics, information about attendance at training sessions and photos.

Libraries shortlisted for the LEP Excellence Award

The Australian Defence Force Academy Library
The ADFA Library provides services to undergraduate and postgraduate students, university staff, researchers, military personnel and members of the public.

What they presented...

  • ABS Training sessions for library and academic staff
  • Detailed handouts for students and staff - an 'ABS Database Guide', Cheat Sheet and a 'Library Research Guide'
  • ABS display during Library and Information Week
  • Local projects and subject specific classes used to promote ABS information
  • ABS Information promoted in Information literacy classes

Victoria Park Public Library
The Victoria Park Public Library is a medium-sized public library in Western Australia.

What they presented...
  • Quarterly refresher ABS Training sessions for library staff and the public
  • Throughout Library and Information Week promotional activities for businesses and local government staff including training and ABS displays
  • ABS information included in a special display on 'Doing Business @ Your Library'
  • ABS quiz for library staff
  • Features on ABS in the Library Newsletter and in the Town of Victoria Park Staff Newsletter
TAFE NSW - Illawarra Institute - Wollongong Campus Library
As well as supporting staff and students of the Wollongong Campus, the library provides support to the 12 other libraries of the Institute.

What they presented...
  • Student Workshops on statistics and ABS, also on Census and CLIB 2001
  • ABS Display and Quiz
  • 'Are You the Average Australian?' promotion
  • 'Statistic of the Day!' promotion
  • Promotion of Workshops in the Library Newsletter, by email and with flyers

Upper Hunter Regional Library
The Upper Hunter covers an area of 10,937 square kilometres in NSW and serves a population of 29,811 of whom 43.4% are library members.

What they presented...
  • During Library and Information Week, day and evening ABS Workshops held at Muswellbrook Library.
  • Activities promoted in the local media and the newspapers. Anne Freer (NSW LEP Coordinator) was interviewed on the local radio about ABS.
  • Schools, local businesses and library staff invited to attend day and evening Workshops.

Mount Isa Library
Mount Isa City Library in Queensland is a medium-sized public library approximately 1,000 kms west of Townsville.

What they presented...

  • ABS training sessions for council and library staff and the community.
  • A display for tourists showcasing Mount Isa's history and ABS statistics.
  • A permanent display describing the ABS Website.
  • The ABS Centenary and the visit from Tanya Lucas (Qld LEP Coordinator) was used to promote ABS. A celebratory morning tea was held with a commemorative ABS Centenary cake for the community and staff.

Queensland University of Technology Library
QUT Library provides a service to approximately 38,000 students across three campuses.

What they presented...

  • Generic and subject specific ABS training sessions for students
  • 'Finding Statistical Information' Workshops given at each campus
  • A range of promotional activities including displays of ABS information at all campus libraries

Training news...

A session with a difference - postgraduates @ RMIT
A session was presented to RMIT University postgraduate social planning students by Helen Leary, the Victorian LEP Coordinator. Focussing on the ABS Website, the session included practical tips on navigating effectively, along with details on Census topics, geography, data items, profiles and randomisation. And feedback from the lecturer? "It was well received and sets up nicely our first assignment in Week 2 ... using ABS data. I learnt as much as the students!". And from the RMIT liaison librarian? "Library staff are all very keen to have our own refresher session".

Website savvy @ Logan Hyperdome
In early spring the Qld LEP Coordinator, Tanya Lucas provided training to staff of Logan Hyperdome Library. Acting Regional Librarian, Jennifer Hall, said that the session was really useful and practical. She especially liked the use of exercises relating to a public library environment. She added "the Website really is a powerful reference tool and the training was well worthwhile - we all learned something different and having attended the session we will now be able to make better use of the Website when we are helping our customers."

Teachers and public librarians unite for training extravaganza
With the students in full swing of assignments, librarian Ratinder Dev of Erindale Public Library thought it was a great time to invite Pat Stracey, ACT LEP Coordinator to provide some ABS training. The session was a great opportunity for the librarians to network with each other and discuss common practical search tips with Pat. Incorporated into the training session was a brief look at the new AusStats and what's now 'Free on the Web' - a must know for all students and community members!

"Would your library like LEP training? Contact your LEP Coordinator to find out when the next round of training is available."

Need statistics about Tasmania?

The Tasmania page on the ABS Website has recently been revamped. The page provides improved access to Tasmanian statistical information, including statistical releases and links to non-ABS Websites with statistical and other information about Tasmania.

Special treats on the pages are the links to great statistical titles for Tasmania - Statistics Tasmania and Regional Statistics, Tasmania . These titles bring together a wide range of ABS and non-ABS statistics, providing comprehensive, easily accessible information about Tasmania and are updated on a regular basis.

If you have any queries or comments about the Tasmania pages please email or phone (03) 6222 5815.

The September 2005 issue of the Local Government and ABS Newsletter includes:
  • Mesh Blocks. The new geographical unit that allows data to be compared across collections, subject matter and organisations.
  • What's happening in Local Government Finance?

New and forthcoming releases

These titles are a selection of what the ABS is currently releasing this quarter. They are available free on the ABS Website. Keep up to date by subscribing to the free ABS Email Notification Service.

Queensland's Baby Boomers: A Profile of Persons Born 1946-1965 (cat. no. 4149.3). Topics covered include demographics, cultural diversity, family, housing, education and work, health and community life. Released 29 September, 2005.

Internet Activity, Australia (cat. no. 8153.0). Includes results from all identified ISPs operating in Australia as at 31 March 2005. Provides statistics on Internet access services, growth/rationalisation of ISPs and the number of Australians and businesses obtaining access to the Internet through the ISPs. Released 12 August, 2005.

Book Retailers, Australia (cat. no. 1371.0). Provides financial and employment data for businesses whose predominant activity is selling books. Released 20 September, 2005.

Water Use on Australian Farms (cat. no. 4618.0). Provides information on irrigation practices on Australian farms. The data was collected from the Water Survey Agriculture 2002-03 and the Agricultural Survey 2003-04 from each state. Includes the type and area of crops irrigated, volume of water applied, sources of irrigation water and irrigation methods. Released 27 October, 2005.

Informing a Nation: the Evolution of the Australian Bureau of Statistics (cat. no. 1382.0). A written and pictorial history of the Bureau and its staff over the last century. Released 1 November, 2005.
Highlighting shortcuts

And to finish off the year we have decided to re-visit our LEP Newsletter Shortcuts. Use this Shortcut guide as an index to LEP Shortcuts. Every issue of the LEP Newsletter includes a Shortcut to help you use ABS information.

Ways to use LEP Shortcuts
  • Choose your favourite Shortcuts, cut them out and keep them at your library's Info Desk.
  • Publish them as a handout or create cheat sheets for your patrons. Use the electronic version from the ABS Website and re-format the text to match your library's publishing style.
  • Email Shortcuts as helpful tips. Network with your council or campus colleagues.
  • Publish LEP Shortcuts in your library, campus or council newsletters.
  • Use them to help train your staff.

And some of the Shortcut highlights...
"LEP pages on the Web" - February 2005
"Always vital - ABS demographic statistics" - November 2004
"Why is geographic area important when using ABS statistics?" - November 2003
"National Regional Profiles: five years of facts" - May 2005
"Spotlight on the CPI" - May 2004
"What is an ABS Theme page?' - August 2003
"What are twisties on the ABS Website?" - May 2003

Is there are a topic you would like to see as an LEP Shortcut? Let us know by emailing

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