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Newsletters - Statistics News Northern Territory - Issue No. 9, August 2000


Ian Furner commenced as the Northern Territory Corporate and Technology Services new Branch Director in July, joining us from the Department of Defence (Defence Support) in Brisbane. Ian replaces Lauraine Oakeshott who is now the Northern Territory Census Management Unit Director.


The Statistics News NT newsletter is currently being reviewed for suitability of content and format (including delivery). If you would like to contribute to the review of the newsletter, please contact Toli Christmas on (08) 8943 2123 or email, and a copy of the questionnaire will be forwarded to you. Please note that responses will need to be returned to our office by 1 September, 2000.


ABS@NT is a unique dissemination service that will provide easy access for all NT Government staff to the extensive range of ABS information and capability. This convenient, easy to use, timely service will be delivered to NT Government desk tops and will give all NT Government staff access to all ABS publications (from 1998); time series spreadsheet files; standard data service and reference outputs; and dissemination of multidimensional labour force datasets, able to be manipulated to create customised tables.

The 2 month trial, commencing on August 14th, will give NT Government users the opportunity to see how this service paves the way for dissemination partnerships of the future, between the ABS and NT Government.

For further information please contact Paula Sutherland, Director,
Client Services Branch on (08) 8943 2131 or email


Access to the vast array of ABS information available via ABS@NT is also available to business and the general community though the recently released AusStats service. Convenient access is provided via the World Wide Web. Using AusStats enables you to view ABS publications and data via your desk top, as soon as they are released. As everyone in your organisation can be provided with access to the service, the need for multiple copies of publications is eliminated. AusStats is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and with user friendly features such as extensive linking between related material, AusStats makes it easy to find the information you need, when you want it.

AusStats subscriptions start at $1,080, with a range of pricing plans available to suit your demand for information. As AusStats is an extension of the ABS web site, all you require to take advantage of this service is connection to the World Wide Web. Log on to the ABS web site today at and see for yourself what AusStats has to offer. Browsing through the service will allow you to access free summary information and to view the range of charged material that is available via subscription. To organise a demonstration of AusStats or for further information contact Megha Raut on (08) 8943 2122 or email


During May 2000, the Northern Territory ABS Office released an NT State Webpage featuring information relevant to the Northern Territory ABS Office. The webpage can be found in the States section of the Themes page on the ABS Web Site (


The ABS commenced a three month outposted officer service to the Northern Territory Department of Education in June as a result of the Northern Territory Government 2000 Annual Statistical Service. The project officer is Mary Beneforti. Mary is from the National Centre for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Statistics (NCATSIS) in the Northern Territory ABS office.

The objective of the ABS outposting is to assist in improving the quality and extent of data collected on Indigenous students to enable improved monitoring and reporting of educational measures to schools, parents, NTDE and other Government Departments. This need was identified from the 1999 NT Independent Review into Indigenous Education ('the Bob Collin's report'). The outpost is part of the Indigenous Education Review Implementation Project.


The ABS has recently released the Integrated Regional Database (IRDB) 2000 (ABS Cat. No. 1353.0), a user friendly CD-ROM product which contains a large volume of regional (generally SLA and postcode) data including population, social and economic information as well as population projections. This data is sourced from many different ABS collections, and from other government agencies. The product also includes digital boundaries and base map data, with software to produce tables, maps and graphs. The product is available at National and State/Territory levels.

Integrated Regional Database (IRDB) 2000 is priced at $3,200.00 for NT only and $4,950.00 for all Australia. For further information (including which discount may apply) or to organise a demonstration of the IRDB 2000, contact Megha Raut on (08) 8943 2122 or email


A reminder that the Northern Territory Office Telephone Inquiry Service (TIS), along with TIS from all other states and territories has moved across to ABS National Inquiry Service (NIS). The new numbers for all enquiries are as follows: NIS Telephone Number: 1300 135 070, Fax Number: 1300 135 211. Overseas clients please call 61 2 9268 4909.


Population by Age and Sex, Northern Territory, 30 June 1999 (ABS Cat. No. 3235.7) was released on 30 June 2000. This publication contains the estimated resident population by age in five-year groupings and sex for each Statistical Local Area, Statistical Division and Local Government Area in the Northern Territory at 30 June 1999.

At 30 June 1999 the estimated resident population of the Northern Territory was 192,882, comprising 102,001 males and 90,881 females. Males outnumbered females in all but four out of the Northern Territory’s 62 Statistical Local Areas.

The age structure of the Northern Territory’s population has remained quite different from that of the total Australian population with the highest proportion of people aged 14 years and under and the highest proportion of people aged 20-34 years of any State or Territory.

Population by Age and Sex, Northern Territory, 30 June 1999 can be purchased for $17.00 at all ABS Bookshops. If you would like further information please contact Tracey Brandrup on (08) 8943 2152 or email


Regional Statistics, Northern Territory, 2000 (ABS Cat. No. 1362.7) was released on 30 May 2000. The publication profiles the six major NT administrative regions, and includes information on a wide range of subjects including population and demographics; education; health; housing; policing; racing, gaming and licensing; labour force; agriculture; mining; transport; tourism; local government finance; and grocery and petrol prices. A wide range of data in the publication is provided through the co-operation of NT Government agencies and other organisations.

The publication is can be purchased for $28.00 at all ABS Bookshops. If you would like further information please contact Toli Christmas on (08) 8943 2123 or email


Australian Social Trends, 2000 (ABS Cat. No. 4102.0) was released on 4 July 2000. The publication is the latest in a series that enables you to keep track of social change in Australia. This publication contains detailed information on many issues of social concern drawing on the latest social, labour, and demographic data from ABS collections as well as other official sources. With over 30 articles in seven chapters including population, family, education, work, income and expenditure, and housing Australian Social Trends 2000 will provide you with a ready source of reference material, assist you with your research needs and help you make informed decisions about major social issues facing Australians today.

To mark the turn of the century, the leading article in Australian Social Trends 2000 analyses some of the changes in social conditions in the past 100 years. The opportunity has also been taken to revisit some articles from previous editions and provide an expanded and more contemporary picture, by using the most up-to-date data.

Australian Social Trends 2000 can be purchased for $42.00 at all ABS Bookshops. If you would like further information please contact Glenice Taylor on (02) 6252 7187 or email


Local Government Finance Statistics, Northern Territory, 1996 - 97 and 1997- 98 (ABS Cat. No. 5502.7) will be released on 18 August 2000. This will be the second edition of this publication released by ABS NT and covers the financial activity of all local government authorities (LGA) in the Northern Territory.

Local Government Finance Statistics, Northern Territory, 1996-97 and 1997-98 can be purchased for $21.00 at all ABS Bookshops. If you would like further information please contact Jim Roberts on (08) 8943 2155 or email


The ABS is undertaking the production of a Directory of Utilities Statistics which will draw together references to all sources of published and unpublished statistics related to electricity, gas, water and sewerage.

The directory should increase awareness of ABS and related data from other Government and non-government organisations. If there is sufficient interest, the Directory may be split into four separate publications, each covering one of the services. A release date of around April 2001 is envisaged.

The collection will be undertaken on a voluntary basis. During July and August of this year, a questionnaire will be sent to organisations which have collected or do collect data relating to electricity, gas, water and sewerage. Please contact the ABS if you would like your organisation to be considered as an entry in the Directory. For further information please contact Margaret Thomson on (07) 3222 6367 or email


Cat. No.Title
1301.0Year Book Australia, 2000 ($77.00)
1304.7Northern Territory at a Glance, 2000 Brochure $1.10)
1362.7Regional Statistics, Northern Territory, 2000 ($28.00)
3218.0Regional Population Growth, Australia, 1998-99 ($24.00)
3235.7Population by Age and Sex, Northern Territory, 30 June 1999 ($17.00)
3401.0Overseas Arrivals and Departures, Australia, May 2000 ($18.00)
3412.0Migration, Australia, 1998-99 ($25.00)
4102.0Australian Social Trends, 2000 ($42.00)
5206.0Australian National Accounts: National Income, Expenditure and Product, March Quarter 2000 ($21.00)
5302.0Balance of Payments and International Investment Position, Australia, March Quarter 2000 ($21.00)
5609.0Housing Finance for Owner Occupation, Australia, May 2000 ($17.50)
6202.0Labour Force, Australia, Preliminary, June 2000 ($19.50)
6248.0Wage and Salary Earners, Australia, December Quarter 1999 ($18.00)
6302.0Average Weekly Earnings, States and Australia, February 2000 ($18.00)
6345.0Wage Cost Index, Australia, March Quarter 1999 ($16.50)
6401.0Consumer Price Index, Australia, June Quarter 2000 ($19.00)
6403.0Average Retail Prices of Selected Items, Eight Capital Cities, March Quarter 2000 ($15.00)
6416.0House Price Indexes: Eight Capital Cities, March Quarter 2000 ($15.00)
8501.0Retail Trade, Australia, May 2000 ($18.00)
8634.0Tourism Indicators, Australia, December Quarter 1999 ($24.00)
8731.0Building Approvals, Australia, May 2000 ($19.50)
8731.7Building Approvals, Northern Territory, March Quarter 2000 ($16.00)
8750.0Building Activity, Australia: Dwelling Unit Commencements, Preliminary, March Quarter 2000 ($15.00)
8752.7Building Activity, Northern Territory, December Quarter 1999 ($16.00)
9208.0Survey of Motor Vehicle Use, Australia, 31 July 1999 ($20.00)
9301.0New Motor Vehicle Registrations, Australia: Preliminary, June 2000 ($16.50)

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