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Newsletters - National Centre for Culture and Recreation Statistics (NCCRS) - June Quarter 1999

This newsletter summarises the activities of the ABS in relation to culture and recreation statistics. Much of the work program of the National Centre for Culture and Recreation Statistics (NCCRS) is developed in conjunction with the Cultural Ministers Council Statistics Working Group (CMC SWG), and the Recreation and Sport Industry Statistics Group (RSISG) of the Sport and Recreation Ministers Council (SRMC).

1. Publications released April to June 1999

i) Selected Museums, Australia, 1997-98, ABS Cat. no. 4145.0, was released on 8 June. It contains data from a survey of museums which did not employ staff or were only a part of a larger (non-museum) organisation. The data includes income, expenditure, conservation of objects and exhibitions undertaken. The survey was funded by the Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts (DOCITA).

  • DATA HIGHLIGHT - During 1997-98, there were 13.3 million admissions to the 1,473 museums surveyed. This was an average of 9,100 per selected museum. The average price for the 3.5 million paid admissions was $2.29.

ii) Book Publishers, Australia, 1997-98, ABS Cat. no. 1363.0 was released on 6 April. It contains financial and employment data from book publishers and also includes information on the number of books published and sold. A more detailed DOCITA publication is expected shortly.

  • DATA HIGHLIGHT - During 1997-98, the 261 businesses in the industry generated $1,242.0m in turnover, of which, $1,035.6m was from sales of books. They employed 5,445 persons and achieved a profit margin of 8.3%.

iii) Time Use on Culture and Recreation Activities, 1997, ABS Cat. no. 4173.0, was released on 12 April. This brochure contains details extracted from the ABS Time Use Survey on culture and recreation activities.

  • DATA HIGHLIGHT - On average, Australians spent over 5 hours each day on free time as their main activity. The most popular free time activity was audio/visual media which includes watching TV and video, and listening to the radio, CDs and tapes. Australians spent an average of 2 hours and 11 minutes per day on these.

iv) Several publications about information technology have been released in the last 3 months. They are:

Household Use of Information Technology, 1998, ABS Cat. no. 8146.0 ($15.00);
Business Use of Information Technology, 1997-98, ABS Cat. no. 8133.0 ($22.00); and
Use of the Internet by Householders, February 1999, ABS Cat. no. 8147.0 ($16.00).

2. Reports due out soon

i) Australian Book Publishing 1997-98, is a report currently being prepared for DOCITA by the NCCRS. The report, No. 9 in their Cultural Trends in Australia series, contains more detailed information than the previously released ABS publication including data on exports, imports and types of books sold.

ii) The DOCITA publication, Cultural Trends in Australia, No 8 - Business Sponsorship of Arts and Cultural Activities, 1996-97, provides detailed analyses of corporate sponsorship of arts and cultural activities highlighting information on sponsorship by industry type, business size and the types of activities sponsored.

iii) The SRMC publication Business Sponsorship of Sport, 1996-97, provides information on the value of sponsorship, the characteristics of sponsors, the reasons for sponsoring and a variety of other details.

iv) Use of Information Technology in Regional Australia, ABS Cat. no. 8150.0 is due for release in late July. It provides a statistical overview of the use of computers, the Internet and selected communication technologies in regional Australia.

v) Cultural Funding, Australia, 1997-98, ABS Cat. No. 4183.0 is expected to be released on 15 July. It contains estimates of public funding of cultural activities for the three levels of government in Australia.

vi) The CMC SWG publication, Cultural Funding in Australia - Three Tiers of Government 1997-1998, provides State/Territory breakdowns of public funding, recurrent and capital expenditure and funding per head of population by each category of cultural activity.

vii) Employment in Sport and Recreation, June 1999, is expected to be released in July. This SRMC brochure contains information from a number of ABS surveys on employment in the Sport and Recreation sector.

3. Australian Culture and Recreation Statistics Framework

The project to review both the Framework for Cultural Statistics and the Framework for Sport and Recreation Statistics to develop one comprehensive framework is well underway. The proposed revised Framework includes four separate classifications covering industry, participants, goods and services and consumers. Initial industry consultation with the culture sector is nearing completion and the new Framework is expected to be available by July 2000. For further detail please contact Sue Gredley on (08) 82377403.

4. Other

i) The survey of Work in Selected Culture/Leisure Activities is currently being conducted. Funded by CMC, the results are expected to be released before Christmas.

ii) The survey of Attendance at Selected Culture/Leisure Venues was conducted by the ABS in April 1999. The survey was previously undertaken in 1991 and 1995. Results from the 1999 survey are expected to be released in December this year.

iii) The ABS is currently preparing questions for a survey to be conducted in April 2000 on Children's participation in culture and leisure activities. Data from the survey is expected to be available in late 2000.

iv) NCCRS is continuing to investigate culture and recreation data sources from a selection of other countries.

v) Work has commenced on the preparation of the sixth edition of the publication 'The Arts: Some Australian Data'. This publication is being prepared for the Australia Council.

5. Staffing

For the past 5 years Glenn Hamlyn has developed the activities of the sport and recreation area of the NCCRS. He has recently moved to another area in the SA Office allowing Heather Latz to take on the challenges of this role.

For further details on culture topics please contact Chris Giddings on 08 8237 7326, and for sport topics, Heather Latz on 08 8237 7402. If unavailable, either Barry Haydon, Director, NCCRS (08 8237 7301) or Theo Neumann, Manager, (08 8237 7449) can help. Alternatively, please write to the NCCRS at GPO Box 2272, Adelaide SA 5001, fax on 08 8237 7421 or email to

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