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2001 Census of Population and Housing - Australian Census Analytic Program

The Australian Census Analytic Program (ACAP) is a collaborative venture between the ABS and some of Australia's foremost academics and social researchers.

ACAP publications cover a range of themes; combining detailed analysis of census data with information from other sources. While the census provides extensive information about Australian society, combining it with other data sources greatly increases the potential for valuable research and analysis.

This issue-driven research goes beyond the usual summary analysis of census data and contains important but previously unrevealed information about major trends and issues. Findings are geared towards practical policy development rather than a purely academic audience, and will contribute to the policy agenda over the next decade.

Each publication released under the Australian Census Analytic Program is available to download free of charge.

Counting the Homeless 2001

This research attempts to establish the extent of homelessness in Australia in 2001. It draws on earlier research, data from the 2001 Census, and survey and administrative data. Its findings will have direct implications for policy developers at both federal and state level.

Indigenous Australians in the Contemporary Labour Market

This publication provides a comprehensive appraisal of Indigenous labour force status. While it makes use of data from the 2001 Census, this monograph provides an analysis of labour force trends from as far back as the 1971 Census. It also examines demographic factors underlying the differences in labour force outcomes for Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

Australia's Most Recent Immigrants

This research looks at the characteristics of recent immigrants to Australia and their influence on factors such as the labour market and the housing sector. It also includes comparisons with less recent immigrants and those born in Australia.

Australians' Ancestries

This research examines a number of issues surrounding ethnic diversity, ethnic intermixture and the development of the concept of "Australian Ancestry". This publication also looks at issues such as people who stated multiple ancestries, ethnic intermarriage, and the characteristics of those who identified as being of Australian ancestry.

The Micro-Dynamics of Change in Australian Agriculture, 1976-2001

This publication examines data from the 2001 Census of Population and Housing with data from the 2001 Agricultural Census in order to look at farming communities in their fullest context. The research explores the major occupational decisions of farmers, changes in the structure of the farming population and the social sustainability of farming communities. The monograph also provides a simple model of the farm sector used to project possible future farming population structures.

Australia Online: How Australians are Using Computers and the Internet

Questions about computer and Internet use were included in the census for the first time in 2001. This has provided the first real opportunity to fully examine the social, economic and regional factors that influence computer and Internet use. The findings of this research are valuable in the formulation of policies to help address this "digital divide" within Australia.

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