Selection Process

Image: Graduates talking. Title: Shape Australia's future

There are five stages to the 2018 ABS Graduate selection process:

Stage 1: Application

As part of your application you will need to select your stream preference. These streams are:

    • Data Analysts: graduates may have studied a wide range of disciplines such as Business, Commerce, Demography, Economics, Finance, Geography, Humanities, Psychology, Social Sciences.
    • Methodology: graduates with degrees in Statistics, Econometrics, Mathematics or related fields of study.
    • Information and Communication Technology (ICT): best suited for graduates who have a degree where the main focus is on ICT.
    • Data Acquisition (Geelong Office): graduates from a range of disciplines.

For more information on suitable areas of study for each stream, please refer to the ABS Graduate Stream information page: Our Streams

If you are not sure which stream you should apply for the technical question which appears straight after you have selected your stream will help guide you. If you cannot answer this question you may want to consider selecting another stream.

Please note that you cannot transfer your application from one stream to another once you have submitted your application.

You will need to complete your application online. As part of your application you will be asked to: 
    • provide personal particulars and your resume
    • complete ten multiple choice research questions
    • complete a technical question based on your stream preference
    • submit a 'pitch' telling us about your motivation to want to work at the ABS
    • upload a copy of your most recent academic transcript.

If you have a disability please note that RecruitAbility applies to these graduate roles. For more information on RecruitAbility see RecruitAbility scheme: A guide for applicants.

We are strongly committed to increasing our diversity representation. If you are an Aboriginal and/ or Torres Strait Islander graduate and/or a graduate with disability we welcome your application and ask that you identify on your application form.

Stage 2: Video Interview

If you are successful at Stage 1: Application you will be invited to undertake a video interview. This interview will ask three general questions, designed to assess your suitability and one technical question based on your selected stream preference.

Stage 3: Live Video or Face-To-Face Interviews

If you are successful at the Stage 2: Video Interview you will be asked to undertake a live video or face-to-face interview. These interviews will be used to clarify or further assess aspects of your application and suitability. You will need to provide proof of Australian citizenship at this stage.

Stage 4: Referee reports

If you are in strong contention at or after Stage 3 we will request you identify two referees. Referees may be contacted to seek information about your employment history, qualifications and experience. It is advised that you inform your referees that you have applied for the ABS Graduate Development Program, and make sure you have their support.

Stage 5: Offers and Notification of Suitability

Our National Recruitment Unit will:  
    • inform you of your suitability via email, so please keep your contact details up to date;
    • verbally offer successful candidates positions in our Graduate Development Program and send formal offers. N.B. not all candidates found suitable may be able to be offered positions;
    • answer questions throughout the process via email to

ABS' online e-recruitment service is provided by NGANET.AU (owned by Acendre) and all applicant information is appropriately secured by the provider to ensure applicants' privacy and information is protected.