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1. Subject Area

Studies of Society and Environment / Human Society and its Environment - Economics

2. Suggested Level

Years 8-10

3. Key Statistical Literacy Competencies Addressed

  • Data awareness
  • The ability to understand statistical concepts
  • The ability to analyse, interpret and evaluate statistical information
  • Communicating statistical information and understandings

4. Overview

In this activity you are asked to prepare a report that clearly illustrates the leisure time patterns of Australian school students and the appropriate products for Mr and Mrs Fernandez to purchase for their leisure ranch for students. You can use the CensusAtSchool Random Sampler to gather data for your investigation.

5. Requirements

  • Computer with internet connection
  • Spreadsheet software
  • Calculator
  • Pens and paper
  • Student Worksheet

6. Instructions

Jose and Elizabeth Fernandez are setting up 'The Ranch', a 25 bed property on a large parcel of land in north-western New South Wales. It will be an all-inclusive weekend or school holiday retreat for students.

6.1 The scenario
Jose and Elizabeth have asked you to do extensive research prior to the opening of 'The Ranch'. Your task is to prepare a report that lists specific recommendations as to the types of goods (brands and prices) which will make a stay at 'The Ranch' as comfortable and relaxing as possible. The budget for this component of their business start up is $10 000. Jose and Elizabeth will require you to analyse available data on what Australian students do and use in their leisure time.

6.2 Background information
CensusAtSchool provides a small window into the lives and habits of Australian school children. The CensusAtSchool questionnaire has questions that will be a useful source of information for your investigation. Thousands of Australian students completed and submitted the CensusAtSchool questionnaire. This data will be a valuable source for your research.

Your task is to prepare a report that clearly illustrates the leisure time patterns of Australian school students and the appropriate products for Mr and Mrs Fernandez to purchase.

Go to the CensusAtSchool website and obtain a sample from the Random Sampler to carry out your investigation. The CensusAtSchool Random Sampler will give you access to data about students across Australia. The responses to the following questions will be particularly valuable:
  • Q 32, items at home
  • Q 33, time spent on activities
  • Q 35, music
  • Q 36, sport most enjoyed

Discuss with other students how you can analyse these statistics. Use a spreadsheet to construct tables and graphs.

( Hint: It will be easier to count the number of students in each category if you sort the data first.
If you are good at Excel it will be even easier if you use the COUNTIF function to do the counting for you)

6.3 Analysis
After constructing the tables and graphs, carefully analyse your findings. Look for patterns, differences with age groups or gender, and clear similarities.

You will find it interesting to compare national statistics with those from your own state, territory or community and suggest reasons for these differences.

6.4 Report
Use the results of your analysis to recommend the types of goods which will make the stay at 'The Ranch' comfortable and relaxing for students.

6.5 Cost
Make a suggested list of the goods required on a spreadsheet. Prepare a costing of these goods. Indicate the brand you have chosen, and a brief sentence explaining the choice. Ensure that the total cost does not go beyond the required budget and remember there are 25 beds!

7. Marking Criteria

A student demonstrates Mark
·High-level effective use of the CensusAtSchool database to gather information
·Uses graphs and statistics accurately to communicate findings
·Succinct and thoughtful conclusions concerning consumer decision-making
·Effective use of the CensusAtSchool database to gather information
·Provides some graphs and statistics to communicate findings
·Sound conclusions concerning consumer decision-making
·Makes limited use of the CensusAtSchool database
·Provides some examples of relevant graphs and statistics to communicate findings
·Makes some judgements about consumer decision-making
·Obtains only a small amount of data from the CensusAtSchool database
·Provides some graphs and statistics of limited relevance to communicate findings
·Elementary judgements about consumer decision-making
·Makes reference only to the CensusAtSchool database
·Provides few graphs and statistics of minimal relevance
·Makes observations only about consumer decision-making

Download the Activity


Data in a spreadsheet

Data in a table
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Sample THE RANCH.xls
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Table THE RANCH.rtf
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