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These Interesting Statistics use CensusAtSchool data collected in 2010, 2011 and 2012.

Interesting Statistics from the 2011 C@S Questionnaire
Interesting Statistics from the 2010 C@S Questionnaire

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Interesting statistics from the 2012 C@S Questionnaire

  • Bus was a common means of travel to school in all states and territories. Students in Tasmania had the highest rate of bus trips to school (45%).
  • With the exception of Tasmania, the most popular method of travel to school was by car. Queensland students were the highest users of cars on the trip to school (56%).
  • Use of skateboards, scooters and rollerblades was most common in Victoria, with over two per cent of students rolling to school.
  • ACT students demonstrated the highest rate of pedal power, with 7% of students riding to school. NT students followed close behind, with 6% using bikes to get to school.
  • Walking to school was a popular choice across all states and territories. Between 15% (Qld) and 23% (WA) of students used their feet and a heartbeat to get them to school.
  • Nine per cent of students in NSW used the train or tram as their mode of transport when heading off to school. Victorian students pulled in with nearly 5% travelling to school on a train or tram. Both girls (49%) and boys (36%) frequently use the internet for Facebook.
  • Sharing videos through YouTube held a greater appeal for boys (38%) compared to girls (29%).
  • Boys are nearly three times more likely to be gamers than girls.
  • Using the Internet to share music and photos held equal interest for boys and girls (30%).
  • Communicating with friends and family using email is of less interest to both boys (9%) and girls (15%) compared to social networking.
  • Right across Australia, students simply can't resist pizza and pasta! South Australian students showed the greatest love of these foods (25%).
  • Chicken is enjoyed across Australia with little variation between states and territories. NT students enjoy takeaway chicken the most (11%) and Qld (7%) the least.
  • Australian students like their chips and fries with Tassie students taking the lead at 19% followed by NSW and WA at 15%.
  • In WA, more students have a hunger for hamburgers than in any other state or territory.
  • Kebabs and wraps were more popular than rolls and sandwiches across Australia.
  • Across the years, recycling rubbish has remained important to students with the median 639 in 2008 and 657 in 2012.
  • Reducing pollution consistently remains higher than conserving old growth forests.
  • Healthy eating habits remained important for students with the median value steady at 775 from 2011 to 2012
  • Since 2008, access to the internet and reducing bullying in schools are the only two issues on which students have placed increasing importance.
  • By ranking these issues in order of change, reducing bullying comes out way on top, increasing 265 points from 2008 to 2012.
  • Conserving water shows the second greatest rate of change, but it is negative, with numbers decreasing over time.
  • NSW students were the highest switch flickers when it came to conserving power with nearly 54% turning off appliances at the power point. The lowest student group was ACT with only 43% turning off power points.
  • Nationally, turning off the tap whilst brushing teeth was the most popular action taken by students to conserve the environment at home. Victoria was the highest, where 90% of students turned off the tap.
  • Students recycle almost as much as they save water when brushing their teeth. In all states and territories, these two actions were the most popular taken to conserve the environment at home.
  • Installing a water tank varied depending on students' state or territory. NT was the lowest at nearly 20%, whilst SA was the highest with 59% for having a water tank installed.
  • For the last two years, soccer has remained the favourite sport of Australian boys (17%).
  • Nearly a quarter of Australian girls chose netball as their favourite sport.
  • Basketball has been increasing in popularity for boys and girls, with nearly 9% of boys and 8% of girls indicating that this was was their favourite sport.
  • AFL football was the second most popular sport for boys in 2012 (15%). In 2008 and 2010, footy was the preferred sport of Aussie boys, but from 2011 onwards, soccer became more popular.
  • For boys, tennis as a favourite sport has continued to increase in popularity to 5%, whilst for girls it has remained steady at 4%.
  • Dancing remains girls' second favourite sport, steady at 15% since 2008.

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